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  • Changes To US Legislation Allows For Breaking Of DRM For Repairs

    When going for computer repair services, there’s always the chance that getting repairs might be against the terms set by the manufacturer. One situation isRead More

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  • Muay Thai Global Popularity Increased Due To UFC And MMA

    One of the activities offered by Phuket resort with pool access is the opportunity to learn the basics of ancient martial art and the traditionalRead More

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Changes To US Legislation Allows For Breaking Of DRM For Repairs

When going for computer repair services, there’s always the chance that getting repairs might be against the terms set by the manufacturer. One situation is when it’s necessary to bypass digital rights management, which protects copyrighted material, in order to fix an issue with a device.

US legislation has acknowledged the necessity in such a situation, and, as part of growing efforts to back the ‘right to repair’ movement, the US Copyright Office has ruled that it’s now legal for customers and computer repair services providers to break an electronic device’s DRM in order to carry out repairs to it.

These legislative developments are just a part of the recent changes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the legislation that makes it illegal to go past digital rights management (DRM) protections.

Once every three years, the Copyright Office evaluates petitions asking for new exemptions or the rescinding of currently extant ones.

The new ruling will be in effect come October 28, and will affect the legality surrounding the bypassing of access controls on devices by owners and computer repair services providers, in order to accomplish a specific task, jailbreaking, or unlocking a device from the carrier’s network in order to repair it.

The ruling covers a wide range of electronic devices, from smartphones, to tablets, wearables, even mobile hotspots, and vehicles like cars and tractors. Even smart home appliances, like lights and refrigerators, as well as HVAC systems and Nest-like devices are covered by the ruling.

Elaborating on the matter, the new rules allow for circumventing access-control functions in order to carry out maintenance and/or repair on devices, with the Copyright Office explaining that these cover software that is contained in and controls the functioning and status of a legally acquired device, land vehicles acquired as personal automobiles, with the exception of programs accessed via a separate device or service, and only when circumventing these protections are necessary in order to properly carry out the diagnosis, repair, or lawful modification of these devices.

Security researchers are also covered by the exemptions while hacking computer programs like electronic voting systems, provided that any activity is done in good faith, and doesn’t violate any terms of the Computer Fraud and Abuse act.

Muay Thai Global Popularity Increased Due To UFC And MMA

One of the activities offered by Phuket resort with pool access is the opportunity to learn the basics of ancient martial art and the traditional Muay Thai. Muay Thai is actually a practical fighting technique that started in the middle of the 18th century and became a sport. Many visitors to Thailand watch Muay Thai contests for entertainment.

Lion Fight Promotions that was founded in 2010 is North America’s premier Muay Thai organization that has successfully promoted the dynamic sport in the United States. The growth of Muay Thai’s global popularity has increased significantly due to UFC and MMA. Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are the two fundamental disciplines associated to MMA. Together, the two sports cover every aspect of unarmed combat.

Will Magnus “Crazy Viking” Andersson become one of the world’s best in Thailand’s Muay Thai? Crazy Viking is a Phuket-based Muay Thai champion who invaded Las Vegas last March 30. He took on US-based Brazilian fighter, Washington Luiz at Lion Fight 53. Andersson was confident from the beginning and knew that he will win the middleweight bout. He made a big impression after forcing a 3rd round doctor’s stoppage because his opponent could barely continue to fight.

Andersson started learning Muay Thai 10 years ago in Halmstad, Sweden. He wanted to learn how to fight after experiencing a beating at the school playground. He wanted to be able to defend himself so he joined the local Muay Thai club along with 5 of his friends. Andersson believed that Muay Thai is too good to walk away from.

After 3 years, Andersson had his first amateur fight and won. He won 13 fights and he is now on the path to becoming a Swedish and Nordic champion. For the past 2 and half years, Andersson has been training in Thailand where he flies the flag of the Kingdom as sponsored fighter.

Aside from the chance to learn Muay Thai, Phuket resort with pool access also offers the unique aqua gym experience. The resort wants its guests to experience their best memories in Phuket from the wide range of activities that have become part of hotel life. There is always an activity for everyone including children.

Highland Students Will Not Be Getting Their New School Building

A remote school based in Thailand which is located on top of the hills finally received the good news they have been waiting for – they were included in the budget to fund the construction of the new building intended to replace the old and worn structure they are currently using which was built almost four decades ago. Unlike the facilities provided by a prestigious Bangkok international school, the state of the building is already at its worst.

Teachers and students went to work right away after hearing the good news. They made the necessary preparations for the construction such as leveling the ground. Then they waited for the go signal to start the project but up until this day they are still waiting with less sparks in their eyes than the time the announcement was made years ago.

This disappointment prompted a teacher from the said school, MontriJina, to post on social media site Facebook to air their disappointment and to reveal the true state of their school. Along with the post are photos of the wooden building that is currently used by Ban Prophado School in the district of Umphang. It looks run down and very old which is why many sympathized with the post.

According to the post, the roof of the dilapidated building has been leaking for years and their hopes are squashed with regards to getting funding for their new school building.

In an interview, Mr. Montri said that it was originally built in 1981. During that time, he was only three years old and he also went to the same school. As time passes, the wooden building starts to deteriorate as it is subjected to storms, heavy rains and hail. Aside from the building, the school materials were also affected and damaged during these national calamities.

Ban Prophado School offers primary education until junior secondary. The school has been pleading for the building to be replaced since 2016 and until now they have learned that they are yet to be included in the list of schools to receive budget for construction. Sadly, they do not have the means of a Bangkok international school to fund the building themselves for the sake of the students and teachers.

Even The Most Brutal And Unwarranted Punch In Basketball Does Not Result To Criminal Charges

Do athletes require criminal lawyer in Toronto after they are spit on, shoved or punched? This kind of behavior is potentially criminal and the basis for a criminal law suit. However, why are there no lawsuits, no criminal lawyers and no prosecutions? When someone agrees to play a certain sport, there is consent to physical contact which is consistent to the rules of the game.

A melee involved Houston Rockets Chris Paul andLos Angeles Lakers Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo. After the NBA reviewed the tapes, suspensions were handed down. According to an NBA release, Ingram is suspended for aggression and escalating the altercation. He also threw a punch in the direction of Paul and confronted a game official in a hostile manner. He instigated the whole incident when he shoved James Jarden, a Rockets guard.

Ordinarily, the incident can be a basis for a civil lawsuit but according to California Penal Code, battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence on another person. If the athlete consents to the use of force, a crime is not committed. When the athletes step on the field to play, it is assumed that risk is inherent to the activity.

The best examples include a boxer who steps into the ring and consents to the jabs of his opponent, the football player who consents to a wild tackle, the hockey goalie who consents his opponents slap shots and the baseball player that consents to the possibility that the opposing pitcher may throw a ball that can hit him.

Strangely, fistfights are not equally condemned in sports. In boxing, punching is part of the sport. If the punch lands after the bell, it often results to penalty. In basketball, hard contact is declared as a foul. Even if there are brawls, prosecution is quite rare.

However, a brawl after the game and outside the stadium is different. An athlete can be convicted of causing bodily injury or serious misdemeanor. If you have been charged with a crime, you need the criminal lawyer in Toronto to represent you in court and prove that you are innocent of the crime.

Travel Industry Working To Extend Free Visa-On-Arrival

From the people who run Bangkok Novotel, to the airline operators, travel industry leaders in Thailand are pressing the government to extend the programme that waives the Bt2,000 Visa-On-Arrival fee up until October 2019.

The aforementioned waiver has already received a prior extension, from the end of January, up to the end of April, in order to encourage foreign travellers hailing from across 21 countries. These travellers are eligible for a visa-on-arrival when they go through to any of Thailand’s international border checkpoints, where they would have to pay the fee, usually.

The waiver was primarily aimed at travellers from China and India. Indian arrivals into Thailand went up by around 20% during the waiving period. Meanwhile, Chinese arrivals into the kingdom didn’t increase, the fee waiver did counteract a bit of the decline that arrival numbers have been seeing.

The travel industry, including the people who run, and compete with the Bangkok Novotel, proposed the October end date of the fee waiver, but there have been some pushback against the proposal.

Immigration Chief Lt-Gen. SurachateHakparn instead proposed a July end date. Reports from local news outlets, Surachate was talking with the Deputy Prime Minister, SomkidJatusripitak over the fee waiving, the proposed cut-off date, and what their verdict would be. Additionally, there’s word that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha have taken notice of the extension proposal.

The Tourism Council of Thailand have thrown their support behind the proposed extension, as they say that it works well; October 31 is when low season starts. On top of that, the TCT says that many Asian countries as using similar programmes in order to entice travellers.

That being said, not everyone in travel and tourism had thrown their support behind the fee waiver extension.

One such figure is a big name; Minister of Tourism and Sports, WeerasakKowsurat. Minister Kowsurat was against extending the fee waiving programme past April, saying he’d prefer that foreign travellers pay the Bt2,000 fee. He did, however, present a counterproposal; to end the fee waiving, making the nationals of the 21 countries have to pay the visa-on-arrival fee, with an option of getting a free second visit into Thailand, provided they visit within six months of the first visit.

Currently, the fee waving programme is set to end by the 30th of April, following extension to account for the annul Songkran Festival, which runs from the 13th to the 15th.

Hang Dong Stadium Upgraded For The SEA Games 2021

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is the most visited place in Vietnam. International visitors can look forward to many landmarks as well as 5 star hotel in Saigon, international hotel chains, resorts and budget hostels. Saigon is also the centre of Vietnam economy with various industries ranging from tourism to finance and trade. In 2021, Vietnam will be the venue of the SEA Games; a multi-sport event participated in by countries in Southeast Asia.

The Hang Dong Stadium will be upgraded into an international sports stadium in preparation for the SEA Games in 2021. According to the capital city authorities, Hang Dong needs to be upgraded because its condition has deteriorated in the past years.

The new sports complex is expected to cost VND6.3 trillion ($270.4 million). Funds for the upgrade will come from T&T Group and French firm Bouygues Construction that has managed the stadium for the past 50 years. The current area of the stadium is 22,000 square meters which will be increased to 32,000 square meters for the new stadium.

The capacity of the new sports stadium will be 20,000 seats with several additional facilities like cinemas, event centres, basement parking and convenience stores. The Hang Dong Stadium is the 2nd international sports complex in Vietnam after the My Dinh Stadium located in Nam TuLiem District.

A total of 16,000 people are expected to participate in the SEA Games with 11,000 of them athletes. This is the 2nd time that Vietnam will host the sporting event since 2003. The Hang Dong Stadium was first established as a multi-purpose facility by Hanoi’s School of Physical Education in 1934. The stadium was expanded in 1958. In 2017, the stadium was placed under the management of T&T Group that is involved in the finance, real estate and agricultural sectors.

Do not miss the opportunity to stay at 5 star hotel in Saigon where you are guaranteed to get the most value for your dollars. It is very likely that the hotel will provide you with a rare experience because it a work of art in its best form. Art is used to tell stories about adventure, romance, history, nature and culture.