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  • Penn Team Develops Teeth-Cleaning Microbots

    With technology like Allentown invisalign changing how dental care is handled, people are getting more and more options for getting their teeth cleaned. One teamRead More

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  • Busted! Drug Trafficking Incidents Using Courier Services

    The drug enforcement agency in one of the Asian countries that are currently implementing a strict campaign against illegal drugs has reported a noteworthy riseRead More

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Penn Team Develops Teeth-Cleaning Microbots

With technology like Allentown invisalign changing how dental care is handled, people are getting more and more options for getting their teeth cleaned. One team from the University of Pennsylvania developed something new for dentistry, bringing in automation and micro technology to dental practices.

The Penn team developed micro scoping robots, designed to precisely clean teeth without any form of scraping or invasive procedures; the robots are of two systems, one designed to work on surfaces, with the other designed for working in confined spaces. The scientists demonstrated that these robots, utilizing catalytic activity, can destroy bio films, the sticky clusters of bacteria grouped up in a protective layer on teeth and other surfaces

These robots weren’t necessarily designed for dental applications, unlike Allentown invisalign, but they are capable of working in such environs, along with dealing with water pipe cleaning, endodontic infections, as well as implant contamination.

The team’s work was published in Science Robotics, with Penn Dental Medicine’s Hyun Michel Koo and the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Edward Steager.

The cross-school team banded together to develop and test two robotic systems, which they call ‘catalytic antimicrobial robots’ (CARs), which are capable of degrading and outright destroying biofilms. The first system uses iron-oxide nano particles, suspended in a solution, which can then be directed by magnets to remove the bio films present on surfaces, behaving like microscopic plows. The second system, meanwhile, embeds the nano particles into gel molds in three-dimensional shapes, which allows them to attack bio films clogging enclosed tubes.

Both types of CARs were effective in their task, breaking down the protective film that surrounds bacteria, killing them and removing debris with high levels of precision. On dental practice,  the CARs were not only able to remove bacteria biofilms from the surface of teeth, but also from the isthmus, a narrow channel between root canals where biofilm tends to accumulate, and is known for being one of the hardest part of the teeth to access.

Koo explains that current methods for dealing with biofilm are ineffective due to the fact that they can’t simultaneously degrade the protective layer, kill the bacteria embedded inside, and actually removing the biodegraded products. These new microbots can handle all of that simultaneously and effectively, Koo claims, and leave no trace of the biolfilms whatsoever.

Busted! Drug Trafficking Incidents Using Courier Services

The drug enforcement agency in one of the Asian countries that are currently implementing a strict campaign against illegal drugs has reported a noteworthy rise in the number of drug trafficking incidents via the parcel courier services. The ones involved in providing courier services for the drug traffickers are from local and foreign companies.

Over the years, drug traffickers find ways to smuggle their goods into the target country through different means. Illegal drugs are transported by different local and international couriers. It is quite baffling how these couriers allowed illegal drugs to be transported using their companies. Fortunately, parcel couriers like have strict rules in accepting the items for delivery.

The Prohibited Items

There are parcel couriers that don’t accept prohibited and restricted items to be delivered using their services. They define restricted items as those which are not suitable for transport due to their fragility or sensitive issues involved.

Some of the prohibited items are:

– Aerosol sprays or cans

– All living creatures and/or animals

– Animal furs, skin, or any animal parts including but not limited to ivory and/or meat

– Anything with a label that says ‘hazardous’ (even if it’s only a used box)

– Any items that the country of import prohibits

– Items that have exceptional value (like silver, gold, precious gems, and antiques)

– Cheques or tickets

– Dangerous goods (like fireworks, explosives, replica or deactivated weapons, etc.)

– Dry ice

– Prescribed drugs or medication

– Pornographic materials

– Perishable goods and foods

– Human remains, ashes, or body fluids

– Household goods that are flammable or contain corrosive liquids

– Fire extinguishers and life jackets

– Gearboxes, Generators, Engines, or any part that has petrol or oil (unless it is cleaned professionally)

There’s also a restricted item list that clients should take note of. Smuggling of dangerous drugs is a worldwide problem. The criminals will think of every means just to get their dangerous goods to their target destination.

If every parcel couriers, such as, will impose the strict implementation of the rules, the problem involving drug may significantly lessen.

Logistics In China To Copy Manufacturing Footsteps For Overseas Expansion

FedEx is a top logistics brand in the United States and one of the leading courier companies in the world but it was caught red-handed many a times for mishandling packages from Huawei. Despite the fact that it is considered one of the most reliable final mile carrier in the planet, the manhandling incidences proved that global companies should be wary of their packages’ safety when using international courier services.

Courier services, at the most basic sense, are not the same as logistics services. If the contents of the package are sensitive and confidential such as business intelligence and business tenders and it were to be stolen or damaged on transit, the sender might not be able to retrieve it back. This is the reason why many express delivery couriers are promising their clients that they have the utmost credibility especially when it comes to handling the packages of the customers and securing their information.

A government should not be able to wield its power in order to spy into corporate mails. Logistics has proven time and time again that it is a crucial link that binds the supply chain. Huawei might soon take the independent route and create its own chip after it was band from using US chips but does the company have contingency plan in place in case the logistics did not go as planned?

Currently, consumer electronic products demand that logistics should be fast such as air delivery in order to avoid delays in the global supply chain. Around 70 per cent of China’s international deliveries are handled by the tree leading companies – DHL, FedEx and UPS. Though China has its own international logistics provided by a domestic company called SF Express, it is still not enough because of its lacking air transport capabilities and few networks for its overseas services.

In order for the manufacturing industry of China to prosper, it needs modern logistics on its heel. It is now time for China to decide where its loyalty really lies by choosing Chinese companies to provide final mile carrier rather than resort to international giants that fail to advocate the information security.

Australia Post Will Be Testing New Electric Delivery Vehicles

With the general public’s increasing demand, as well as the increasing benefits and practicality of environmental sustainability, Melbourne courier companies and other delivery organisations are testing out e-vehicles for their fleets, to see what they can do.

One of the more notable entities to be part of the revolution is Australia Post, with their latest announcement regarding their trail of a new, Aussie-built three-wheeled electric delivery vehicle, the Stealth OzPOD.

The vehicle, built in Southeast Melbourne, will be delivering packages to people in the Lilydale suburb over a five-week time period, as Australia Post looks to test the vehicle’s capabilities over different kinds of terrain, with the goal of seeing how this new model would work with existing electric vehicles available to Melbourne courier companies and Australia Post itself.

According to Australia Post’s General Manager for Network Optimisation, Mitch Burton, Lilydale is the perfect area to test the Stealth OzPODdue to the fact that locals in the area are shopping online more than ever before, and, as a part of that, more small parcels are being delivered in the area than ever before.

Burton added that the Australia Post is aware that the people in Lilydale love online shopping, with health and beauty, fashion, as well as media being the most popular purchases among residents within the area selected for the e-vehicle’s trial.

Burton noted that the yearly growth rate for online shopping in Lilydale is higher than Australia’s national average, sitting at 21%. In 2018, the area had about 79% of its households purchasing online, higher than that year’s national average of 73%.

Reportedly, the Stealth OzPOD was under development for two and a half years, locally built and designed with Australian environments and conditions in mind, with added measures to account for safety, stability, inclement weather, as well as gradient and surfaces. The e-vehicle has a carrying capacity of up to 720lt, with a top speed of 50km/h.

As Australia Post continues to change, Burton says that they are looking to equip their posties with the tools needed to deliver more small parcels. This new model and its trial is only their latest development, following their order of 1,000 Swiss-built three-wheel e-vehicles.

How To Have A Successful Trucking Company

Everyone who ventures into business always wants to succeed. One profitable type of business is trucking which is also incredibly competitive. There are many truckers who are trying the business but end up losing.

This situation is common to good truckers but do not have the skills of a business owner. Many think that if they know how to drive and choose a good route, they would also do good in running a trucking company business, however, this is not the case.

Here are some steps to help you succeed in your trucking company business and guide you in the transition phase to be a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Find and support the right market

Finding and supporting the appropriate market niche is one of the primary factors that will help you succeed in your trucking company business. This also applies to owners of a small fleet. The right market determines how are you going to handle your business that would suit the needs of your chosen market.

  1. Establish your operating cost

It is important to know the details of your operating cost. Knowing your variable and fixed costs helps you determine the cost per mile of every trip which is very important for your bottom line.

  1. Charge a reasonable rate

Charging a reasonable rate per mile allows you to attract more customers because this kind of business is highly competitive. However, you must also ensure that you get the profit you desire with the rates you are charging.

  1. The right strategy on fuel-buying

The biggest expense for operators is fuel. To be cost-efficient, use the lowest base price of fuel rather than the cheapest pump price because of the tax issue.

  1. Deal with the shippers directly

Brokers and load boards can be useful when your truck is empty. However, they can also be costly because they keep 10-20 percent of the price per load. Though this is just fair, you can save more when you minimize using brokers and instead develop contacts with direct shippers.

  1. Employ a reliable back office

There are two options you can do on this step. You can run your back office yourself or outsource it to an efficient and reliable dispatcher.

  1. Ensure you have a good cash flow

The trucking business has a demanding cash flow; thus, you must avoid cash flow issues to achieve smooth business operations.

Running your own trucking business needs focus and careful management of your daily activities and expenses to be able to succeed in your endeavor.

UNYQ And IKEA Developing 3D Printed Accessories For Gamers

Personalized and customizable furniture is becoming more and more popular, with many looking at getting a Height Adjustable Desk of their own after hearing of the benefits. One partnership is bringing these concepts to the gaming community, with San Francisco’s UNYQ teaming up with Sweden’s IKEA, to develop 3D printed products for gamers.

UNYQ Co-Founder and CEO Eythor Bender says that the gaming community has been overlooked when it comes to furniture and accessories that are functional, customized, and suits individual preference.

The two companies have also worked together to create products for the gaming market, having developed an ergonomic chair for professional gamers, dubbed the UBIK. The chair was made using 3D printing and body-scanning in order to create custom lattice inserts that help the chair’s owner sit up in their ideal posture.

UNYQ was founded in 2014, where they started out creating personalized prosthetic covers for upper and lower limb amputees. Their specialization in creating personalized products was then brought over to creating specialised gaming products.

The company turned to Stockholm’s Area Academy, an educational e-sport company, in order to find out how to best create products for the gaming community. Combining that knowledge with Carbon’s 3D printing technology, UNYQ and KEA developed a line of 3 prototype 3D printed accessories for gears, which they dubbed UPPKOPPLA, or ‘online’ in Swedish.

The range is made up of:

  • A biometric wrist support, designed to keep wrists at the proper height relative to the keyboard, reducing tendon strain;
  • A portable mouse ‘bungee’, which holds mouse cables in place, stopping tangling and allowing full freedom of movement, and;
  • Soft pliable, vented keycaps that simulate the sensation of the keyboard being a part of the fingers.

IKEA Creative Leader Michael Nikolic says that this is an exciting partnership for the company, as UNYQ has developed a way to create solutions that work for people’s unique needs and tastes, letting customers get exactly what they want. On top of that, this method also minimizes waste, as production is dictated solely by demand, without any excess inventory to deal with. He adds that they’re looking forward to continuing this partnership with UNYQ.

Currently, the collaboration is focused on the gaming market, but there are plans to extend the alliance into other products like a Height Adjustable Desk, as well as other sectors, even considering tapping into ‘undeserved’ communities, catering to their customers varied interests and preferences, and their specific needs.