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  • How To Take Care Of Orchid Plants And Keep Them Alive For Longer Duration

    Orchids are gorgeous indoor plants that liven up the space with their colourful and delicate flowers. Orchid plants require a lot of care and pampering.Read More

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  • How The Event Market Has Grown In India

    The country of India has seen a lot of improvements when it comes to their Indian Event sector. In fact, the changes are so bigRead More

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How To Take Care Of Orchid Plants And Keep Them Alive For Longer Duration

Orchids are gorgeous indoor plants that liven up the space with their colourful and delicate flowers. Orchid plants require a lot of care and pampering. They are not the right choice for forgetful people. These plants require regular watering and proper sunlight to bloom.

If you are planning to buy an orchid plant for your home, here are some tips from popular orchid suppliers to help you keep the plant alive for long durations.

  1. Make sure the plant receives a lot of sunlight,the plant should be ideally kept at an east facing part of the room. They require indirect sunlight. Exposing the orchid plants to the harsh sunlight will result in the leaves burning out and the flowers wilting. Inspect the leaves of the orchid plant regularly, dark leaves indicate the plant is not getting the required sunlight whereas leaves with red patches indicate the plant are exposed to harsh light. The ideal colour of orchid leaves is bright Olive green.
  2. Most of the reputed orchid suppliers recommend watering the orchid plants carefully. They should ideally be watered once a week using lukewarm or room temperature water, depending on the season. Try to water the plant early and place it in the sun, to help dry out. Take care to water the plant under the leaves and do not water the crown. Blot out any excess water from the crown as it might cause the crown to rot, eventually killing the plant.
  3. Maintaining a stable temperature is important to keep your orchids safe and beautiful. Frequent changes in temperature will make the buds to drop off and the leaves to dry. According to reputed orchid suppliers, the optimum temperature for orchids is between sixty five to eight five degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Feed the orchid plants with the right fertilizer at least once in a month. Use good quality fertilizer and mix it properly with water before using it.
  5. An important tip from orchid suppliers is to never pot orchids in soil. Orchids grow attached to other plants in the wild, hence it is recommended to use loose bark to pot orchids.

How The Event Market Has Grown In India

The country of India has seen a lot of improvements when it comes to their Indian Event sector. In fact, the changes are so big that it is far from what people are used to in the past few years. It was originally seen as a platform to feature and organize celebrations but because of its transformation it is now considered to be a fundamental part of the industry where advertising and marketing is the focus. The industry gives more emphasis on conference management services which is why events are far better than before.

There are many factors that positively impacted the event industry in India and one of them is the marketers’ changing perceptions when it comes to event management. From the start, marketers recognize the importance of events in as a tool because compared to other platforms it is more tangible, prestige and grand. Marketers spend a lot more in organizing events such as award ceremonies, product launches and exhibits. There is a big difference compared to twenty years ago when events are thought to be an end but now it is viewed to be a channel where marketers can have interactions with their target audience.

Nowadays, events are more diverse such as product launches, corporate events, social gatherings and reality shows. The industry has welcomed these varieties of events prompting to more possibilities in the future. Many years ago, these events only happen sparingly but now there are organized events from various genres including fashion, music, technology, sports, social work, lifestyle and entertainment.

Technology has undergone such evolution that it impacts events directly along with growing experience and higher standards of excellence in the said industry. Together, the event industry has evolved to become customizable with focus on the clients.It was originally organized to be carefully planned, timely and efficient but now there are additional attributes of sentimentality and thoughtfulness.

Ask any company that provides conference management services and they will tell you that an events’ success is greatly dependent in the satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, an event should focus on supplying their needs and meeting their demands.

Similan To Ban Overnight Stays Starting October

Tourists and their liveaboard in Thailand can no longer stay the night in Similan Island starting in October of 2018, as new regulations are put in place by the local government to limit the impact made by travellers to the tourism destination, marked as a national park.

The island will only be available for day trips starting by October, with the government putting in a new policy in order to make it easier for them to maintain the island’s natural resources, according to Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine ecologist, Deputy Dean of Kasetsart’s University’s Faculty of Fisheries and the Chairman of the committee the Thai government set up in order to draft a new national master plan for the care and maintenance of the country’s marine resources.

Dr. Thon says that the Moo Koh Similan National Park sees an overwhelming volume of travellers, and these new regulations, starting with the day-trip only option is the first, concrete step for dealing with the issue. Tourists, he say, can still trek, swim, dive, and travel in their liveaboard in Thailand but when the day ends, they have to leave.

The ban will start in effect by October 2018, when the marine park officially opens its doors to tourists, following its closure early in May. The island is the only island, out of nine in the national park, that has bungalows and camping space for visitors. The overnight stay facilities on the island were operated by the state government.

The announcement was made by the National Park Office of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation  on the 25th of May. With regards to the ban, the department has already started work dismantling the bungalows and camping facilities on the island, and Director SongtamSuksawanq says that they’re almost done getting rid of them all.

He says that, while environmental concerns were the primary concern, there have also been inquiries on the cost-effectiveness of maintaining these facilities. He says that the island is an ill-fit for overnight stays given the limited space and lack of fresh water, compared to the larger islands in the country.

In response, Director Suksawanq says that they are currently working on an alternative policy for the island.

Why Wool Carpets Are Beneficial To Human And Environment

It was seven years ago when Housing New Zealand decided to use synthetic carpets. The KiwiBuild programme of the government with a funding worth $2 million is set construct around 100,000 affordable houses which will be offered to first time home buyers in the next decade. The only problem is that they are not choosing to shift to wool carpets. Companies specializing in carpet cleaning in Perth believe that wool carpets are better for the home.

According to the acting prime minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters, recommended the use of wool carpets in offices of government departments as well as on the floors of state houses. New Zealand First is dedicated in purchasing natural and wool fibres because these are sustainable, natural and renewable. These materials are going to be used as floor coverings and the same materials are going to be used as insulation. Peters has already expressed these sentiments last year but his spokeswoman said that the policy was not approved during the Labour Party’s coalition.

Miles Anderson, the chairman of Federated Farmers in the meat and wool department, said that since the taxpayers are the one funding the housing and the public establishment then the safest and healthiest choice should be used and it is none other than wool. They are still trying to convince the government to use woolen products for their future projects.

He added that the government should be using wool instead of synthetic materials that are known to be petroleum-based as it counters their aim in following through with policies such as zero carbon. Wool is not only resistant to fire but it is completely natural and the material is biodegradable. Nylon carpets, on the other hand, are dyed with a solution and manufactured using fibres that are man-made and with petroleum products.

Anderson said that the wool carpet industry of New Zealand is currently in a poor state because the sales and the prices continue to decline therefore advocating for it will be beneficial to the sector. While there is a big price difference, carpet cleaning in Perth believes that the benefits of wool outweigh that of synthetic carpets.

How Is Audit Protection Insurance Useful

All of the tax payers dread the word tax audit. With the increased scrutiny and number of cases selected for tax audit by ATO increasing every year, taxpayers are better off being prepared for the audit. Since mistakes are human and a lot of calculation and typing mistakes might occur while filing for returns, it is better to be proactive and cover your tax audit costs.

Most of the accountants prefer to sell audit insurance to their clients to cover the professional expenses of tax audit. Tax audits are very time consuming and involve a lot of professional costs like the fee paid to professionals like accountants, lawyers, advisors and others. Since these professionals charge their fee by the hour, buying audit insurance helps taxpayers and their accountants to relieve the financial stress caused by tax audit.

Buying adequate audit insurance cover makes the process of filing returns relaxed and stress free. Since insurance covers both the taxpayers and their accountants, there is no risk of lost man hours and exceeding costs.

Audit protection insurance is especially beneficial for huge businesses which make use of a number of provisions and deductions provided in the tax laws to reduce their tax burden. It is also beneficial for taxpayers who have multiple sources of income and take multiple deductions.

However, the audit insurance policies do not cover all the tax audits. There are different types of audits conducted by the ATO and it is advised to read the terms and conditions of the offer document of the insurance policy carefully, before signing it. The amount covered by the audit insurance policy is also determined beforehand. The amount is fixed depending upon the turnover of the business, the amount of tax paid, type of business and the insurance cover required. Like any other insurance policy, taking adequate audit protection insurance cover is essential to cover all the professional costs involved in a tax audit.

Accountants with audit insurance are able to portray a positive and professional image to the clients. They receive a small commission from the insurance company on the premium paid by the clients. The insurance policy covers both the accountant and the client and so it is recommended to get the audit cover to lessen the financial burden of tax audit.

ASEAN Ready For The Influx Of Tourists

Asean countries have expressed their readiness when it comes to the tourism bonanza that many are expecting to happen this year. The countries are getting ready for the economic gains brought about by the rise in tourism. Analysts have predicted that the number of international visitors will increased to almost 200 million in 2030 from the 120 million recorded in 2017. This is already felt by Thailand as Rayong hotels are already accepting many bookings from tourists.

According to Malaysia’s secretary of general at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Rashidi Hasbullah, they are looking for investors in order to afford an expansion that will help them further develop the infrastructure as well as tourism projects in Asean countries. These are necessary in order to accommodate the increasing number of tourists in the region. Hasbullah expressed this sentiment during the Asean-Korea Tourism Investment Seminar 2018 which was conducted in Seoul, South Korea.

He added that the measures they are conducting in order to encourage the rise of tourism is part of their major plan to emphasize the Asean Tourism Strategic Plan for the years 2016 until 2025. The tourism ministers under the Asean were able to discuss about the plan during the meeting at the capital city of South Korea. They have also committed to increase investments in order to fund infrastructure necessary to answer the demand in the growing tourism economy of the region. This is one of the many major priorities.

Hasbullah and the leaders believe that the development of infrastructure will be beneficial to countries because it will lead to an increase in corporate earnings, higher employment rate and the incomes will also increase.

As a whole, Asean countries have a total gross domestic product or GDP of 2.6 trillion in USD for the year 2016. That figure helped the region rank in the sixth spot when it comes to having the largest economy. By 2030, the region expects that they will be able to rise to the fourth place. When this happens, Thailand businesses such as Rayong hotels will benefit from the rise in the economy as well as the rest of the countries.