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  • Tim Hortons To Conquer Bangkok, Thailand

    There is one more thing guests at a serviced apartment in Bangkok will have to look forward to – Tim Hortons! The popular coffee shopRead More

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  • Sydney’s Relying On Migrants For Growth As Sydneysiders Move

    For furniture removalists in Sydney, business has been busy, as thousands of Sydneysiders move away from their home suburbs towards the other regions of theRead More

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Tim Hortons To Conquer Bangkok, Thailand

There is one more thing guests at a serviced apartment in Bangkok will have to look forward to – Tim Hortons! The popular coffee shop chain was based in Toronto, Canada. They are known for serving coffee, sandwiches and fried donuts popularly called Timbits which are bit-sized goodness and now the capital city of Thailand will be able to experience all of them.

Despite it being a coffee shop, what most people rave about is the donuts that they are selling. The company recently made an announcement that it is planning to extend its reach into one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

According to Alex Macedo, the president of Tim Hortons, they are already excited to start the expansion and introduce the Tims brand to the people of Thailand in order to achieve their goal to become a global brand in the market. Thailand is also known in the region for its coffee market and the chosen partner by the Tims brand is also an expert when it comes to the local market. Therefore, they are positive that they will make a successful entrance into Thailand.

The announcement by the company failed to go into details as to when the flagship branch will be available to the public or where it will be constructed. The only thing they have disclosed is their partnership with a company called WeEat in order to help them in marketing their brand.

According to the company, they are going to feature local Thai dishes along with the regular menu found in Tim Hortons all over the world. Tim Hortons was originally established in 1964 with the first branch constructed in Ontario. The coffee shop was named after its founder who is also a hockey player. The chain was then acquired by Burger King five years ago.

As of writing, the chain has over 4,800 branches spread out in 14 countries in the world. Tim Hortons is a welcome chain for locals and tourists staying at serviced apartment in Bangkok after other food chain from North America started the trend including Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme and Ihop.

Sydney’s Relying On Migrants For Growth As Sydneysiders Move

For furniture removalists in Sydney, business has been busy, as thousands of Sydneysiders move away from their home suburbs towards the other regions of the city, as well as New South Wales, with data from the government showing that the city’s population growth has been slowing down as a result.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently published their data, which showed that the city’s total population went up to a record 5.2 million in 2017-18, with the Greater Sydney area adding 93,411 residents during that time. Notably, this is the city’s smallest increase in population since 2014-15.

The increase was primarily driven by overseas immigrants heading for the city, amounting to 71,000 additional residents to the city over the year, which counteracted the 27,300 population loss that the city experienced due to Sydneysiders moving to another part of the country. The rest of the increase came from natural increases.

The numbers, however, didn’t show the variation in the changes experienced by different parts of the city.

In the area covering Canterbury and Bankstown, around 4,000 residents emigrated, which amounts to 11 people daily. The population loss was offset by a 3,877 natural increase, complimented by overseas migration adding an additional 5,615 people.

Other areas to see a large drop in population thanks to internal migration included Cumberland, Randwick, and Georges River, which saw drops of 3,714, 3,120, and 2,842, respectively.

There was a fair amount of work for furniture removalists in Sydney City Council Area, with at least 2,800 people moving out, which was compensated for by the 8,111 increase brought on by overseas migration, plus 1,781 in natural increases.

In spite of the migration, Sydney’s population grew at a rate of 1.8%, higher than the rest of the state, which grew at 1%.

Melbourne is still the fastest growing city in the AU, with a population growth of 119,421, equivalent to 2.5%, bringing up the city’s total to 5 million.

In contrast, Darwin and Western Australia saw their populations drop, losing 355, and 583 people, respectively, in spite of the former having one of the fastest growing suburbs in the AU, while the latter saw Perth’s population count go up by 21,500.

Congressman Took A Fieldtrip To Suzuki Motors Of America

Gil Cisneros is a U.S. Congressman who is the representative of the 39th Congressional District in California. He recently took a trip to the headquarters of Suzuki Motor of America Inc. which is located in Brea, California. He took a tour around the facility together with Chris Wade, the field representative, and Martin Medrano, the deputy district director. He was able to learn all about the business of Suzuki including the Suzuki motorcycles for sale and he was able to understand better of the industry it is involved in.

According to Representative Cisneros, Suzuki Motor of America Inc. is an example of company that drives the growth of a district and its socioeconomic sector. He was happy to be given the chance to meet with the leaders of the company as well as the employees who were also mostly residents of the 39th district.

The 39th district is an attractive place for companies such as Suzuki because it is situated in the highways of commerce and the workforce they have are highly skilled. While the place is a good start for the business, the employees they have will be their biggest investment. The representative also expressed his gratitude because Suzuki chose to establish its business in Brea, right at the centre of 39th district which has eventually become a major part of the economy on the local level.

For his visit, the US Congressman was able to have a one-on-one meeting with the senior executive of Suzuki to talk about related topics that are crucial to the industry of powersports. One of their discussions touched on the current issue with international trade, problems with land access as well as making sure that California will remain to be open for businesses.

The vice president of the company in charge of Motorcycle and ATV Sales and Marketing also talked to the Congressman. To be able to learn more about Suzuki motorcycles for sale and the awareness regarding this sector, the VP invited Cisneros to the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus. He also joked that he is willing to offer his services to teach the Congressman and his wife about riding motorcycle.

Oscar-Winner Geoffrey Rush Wins More Award: Top Paid Defamation Triumph

The triple-acting-award-winner Geoffrey Rush got another award but this time from a defamation payment worth $2.9 million (£1.57m; US$1.99m) in Australia.


Federal Court favoured the King’s Speech actor against the Nationwide News as the publisher of the Australia’s Daily Telegraph and journalist Jonathan Moran.


This instance set a new record of being the highest paid defamation lawsuit had ever conferred in the said country. Various financial advise website pointed out that most of the judges awards only small amount for damages. Rush’s case was otherwise.


According from the court report, the offender tabloid should pay Rush for maligning his reputation which caused him stress and economic damages. Particularly, the breakdown of the payout comprised for overall detriment worth $850,000 and previous economic loss of $1milllion with interest of $42,000. This was cut as the actor was initially charged them of $25 million worth of damages.


The defamation case was rooted from the series of featured articles in the Sydney’s tabloid which had malevolently accused Rush for inappropriate conduct to Eryn Jean Norvill. The two were co-stars in the movie King Lear back in 2015.


ActressNorvill claimed during the court proceedings a year ago that she experienced sexual harassment by Rush. She further elaborated that the actor held her bust and signalled malicious gestures during the shoot of some scenes in King Lear. Two-timed-Sydney-Theatre-Award winner Yael Stone, likewise, charged Rush for showing misbehaviour to her.


This story was pushed and circulated by the sued newspaper but the 67 year old actor extremely denied all allegations against him which implied that he had immoral sexual demeanor.


However, court Justice Michael Wigney found irregularities in the accusations filed against Rush. He firmly asserted that Norvill’s statements were hyperbolic, hence, he was not convinced that she was a truthful witness.


Likewise, Wigney imposed final judgment against the Daily Telegraph and Moran as he got disgusted for their unethical and irresponsible reportage. The Lawyer of Rush, Sue Chrysanthou, also expressed how tasteless the published stories which defamed the actor.


Rush’s triumph proven that Australia took defamation law seriously. Some financial advise website stated that to pursue a Civil case for defamation requires thorough process especially if the filer is after monetary charges. Other famous people who undergone the tedious process and succeed were Chau Chak Wing, a Chinese-Australian billionaire businessman who won a defamation case against Fairfax newspaper and also Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson who received payout from Germany’s Bauer Media for same case.

Penn Team Develops Teeth-Cleaning Microbots

With technology like Allentown invisalign changing how dental care is handled, people are getting more and more options for getting their teeth cleaned. One team from the University of Pennsylvania developed something new for dentistry, bringing in automation and micro technology to dental practices.

The Penn team developed micro scoping robots, designed to precisely clean teeth without any form of scraping or invasive procedures; the robots are of two systems, one designed to work on surfaces, with the other designed for working in confined spaces. The scientists demonstrated that these robots, utilizing catalytic activity, can destroy bio films, the sticky clusters of bacteria grouped up in a protective layer on teeth and other surfaces

These robots weren’t necessarily designed for dental applications, unlike Allentown invisalign, but they are capable of working in such environs, along with dealing with water pipe cleaning, endodontic infections, as well as implant contamination.

The team’s work was published in Science Robotics, with Penn Dental Medicine’s Hyun Michel Koo and the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Edward Steager.

The cross-school team banded together to develop and test two robotic systems, which they call ‘catalytic antimicrobial robots’ (CARs), which are capable of degrading and outright destroying biofilms. The first system uses iron-oxide nano particles, suspended in a solution, which can then be directed by magnets to remove the bio films present on surfaces, behaving like microscopic plows. The second system, meanwhile, embeds the nano particles into gel molds in three-dimensional shapes, which allows them to attack bio films clogging enclosed tubes.

Both types of CARs were effective in their task, breaking down the protective film that surrounds bacteria, killing them and removing debris with high levels of precision. On dental practice,  the CARs were not only able to remove bacteria biofilms from the surface of teeth, but also from the isthmus, a narrow channel between root canals where biofilm tends to accumulate, and is known for being one of the hardest part of the teeth to access.

Koo explains that current methods for dealing with biofilm are ineffective due to the fact that they can’t simultaneously degrade the protective layer, kill the bacteria embedded inside, and actually removing the biodegraded products. These new microbots can handle all of that simultaneously and effectively, Koo claims, and leave no trace of the biolfilms whatsoever.

Busted! Drug Trafficking Incidents Using Courier Services

The drug enforcement agency in one of the Asian countries that are currently implementing a strict campaign against illegal drugs has reported a noteworthy rise in the number of drug trafficking incidents via the parcel courier services. The ones involved in providing courier services for the drug traffickers are from local and foreign companies.

Over the years, drug traffickers find ways to smuggle their goods into the target country through different means. Illegal drugs are transported by different local and international couriers. It is quite baffling how these couriers allowed illegal drugs to be transported using their companies. Fortunately, parcel couriers like have strict rules in accepting the items for delivery.

The Prohibited Items

There are parcel couriers that don’t accept prohibited and restricted items to be delivered using their services. They define restricted items as those which are not suitable for transport due to their fragility or sensitive issues involved.

Some of the prohibited items are:

– Aerosol sprays or cans

– All living creatures and/or animals

– Animal furs, skin, or any animal parts including but not limited to ivory and/or meat

– Anything with a label that says ‘hazardous’ (even if it’s only a used box)

– Any items that the country of import prohibits

– Items that have exceptional value (like silver, gold, precious gems, and antiques)

– Cheques or tickets

– Dangerous goods (like fireworks, explosives, replica or deactivated weapons, etc.)

– Dry ice

– Prescribed drugs or medication

– Pornographic materials

– Perishable goods and foods

– Human remains, ashes, or body fluids

– Household goods that are flammable or contain corrosive liquids

– Fire extinguishers and life jackets

– Gearboxes, Generators, Engines, or any part that has petrol or oil (unless it is cleaned professionally)

There’s also a restricted item list that clients should take note of. Smuggling of dangerous drugs is a worldwide problem. The criminals will think of every means just to get their dangerous goods to their target destination.

If every parcel couriers, such as, will impose the strict implementation of the rules, the problem involving drug may significantly lessen.