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November, 2018

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How To Choose The Best Painter In Hills District

You need to find a high-quality painter in Hills District to do the painting jobs of your home or business. This is one investment you can make to improve the value of your property. Whether it is to improve the look of your property or to sell it, you need expert painters, which are plenty in your area. If your experience is limited, you’ll find choosing one an overwhelming task. However, you’ll be guided by the following questions just to find the right painter for your next project.

Before you choose a painter in Hills District, ask the following questions to improve your knowledge about them:

What is their experience and qualification? Work with a painter that is a member of the Master Painter’s Association in Hills District. You can check their sources, the details of their training, and possible awards they have received. Also know their experience to qualify them for the job.

Can they provide an expert aesthetic and technical advice for every step of the project? You need to check the various firms that offer high quality work for their clients. You need to check how they can lengthen or shorten the project and minimise expenses. Ensure that you’re choosing a painter in Hills District that can handle mold removal, special decorative finishes, wallpapering and other special jobs you hope to be completed.

How many years have they been in business, and will they still be around in the future? You need to establish rapport with your painter, so you can trust they will finish the painting job as expected. Ensure that the painting contractor has had extensive years of experience and can withstand the test of time.

What is their expertise, processes, and systems important to perform the project to your expected standards? They need to be equipped with the right technologies and procedures to carry out their painting jobs. Also ensure that the painter is updated with his training and experience.

Are they OH&S compliant? Do they ensure the safety, health and welfare in their jobs? If they have the right policies and procedures, they can readily perform the operations of their business.

If your chosen painter in Hills District can respond to all these questions with confidence, then you are assured you have chosen the right one.

IKEA Designs Ergonomic Chair For Gamers And E-Sports Enthusiasts

The process of purchasing office furniture usually starts from the creation of a 3D rendition of the office to gain an idea on various possibilities that will maximize office space. The 3D rendition will also help when arranging the furniture to enhance functionality and mobility while maintaining visual aesthetics.

Meanwhile, IKEA is developing a new ergonomic chair for the world’s most extreme sitters who play video games for long periods of time. IKEA design lead Marcus Engman displayed a prototype of a chair that will relieve back aches and cramps for gamers that spend more than 20 hours sitting before a screen.

The furniture giant from Sweden revealed that it has collaborated with San Francisco-based prosthetics firm UNYQ in the development of the “Ubik” chair. The most comfortable and affordable seating solution for gamers was developed using 3D printing and body scanning technology used for medical wearables. According to Engman, the key to the gamers’ chair is personalization.

Customers who want to purchase the Ubik chair at IKEA stores need to have their bodies scanned. 3D printed inserts that will use the customer’s biometric data as basis will arrive on the mail within 2 weeks. The lattice inserts will be slid on a seat and prop sitters in an ideal position. Sedentary office workers that require ergonomic seating solutions can have their buttocks scanned at IKEA stores.

Gamers are like athletes. They use their minds and bodies to compete. Bringing personalization for the gamers’ unique ergonomic needs, body types and modes of play will provide them a competitive advantage and a healthier body. Aside from gamers and e-sport enthusiasts, Engman is also considering mass customization which is a growing trend in many industries. However, this is a completely different outlook that requires further product development and design in the near future.

A modern but budget friendly office can be easily created through office furniture that is offered at surprisingly affordable prices. There are many creative ways to arrange furniture to maximize the space available. Productivity, efficiency and visual aesthetics can be enhanced with appropriate furniture. If you have special preferences and requirements, you can have the office furniture customized.

Eight Points To Remember While Shopping For Children’s Footwear

Shoes play a vital role in providing proper support to the feet and ankles. They also help to maintain proper posture while walking and running. It is very important to buy well- fitting shoes for children to protect them from sudden slips and to help them achieve proper posture. Whether shopping for back-to-school shoes or casual wear shoes for your child, there are many factors that should be considered before making the final selection.

Here are some of the useful tips provided by certified children’s podiatrist in Sydney, to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your children.

  1. It is important to keep in mind that the size and shape of children’s feet change according to their age. Most of the well-known children’s podiatrist in Sydney, suggest to get the feet size measured regularly and buy suitable foot wear. It is advisable to measure the foot size, every few months.
  2. Popular children’s podiatrist in Sydney, advice parents to watch out for signs of irritation on the child’s feet. Ill-fitting shoes often aggravate the feet and are uncomfortable to walk.
  3. Refrain from sharing or exchanging footwear of other children. A pair that fits one child may not fit the other. Sharing or handing down footwear also results in the spread of fungal infections like athletes foot.
  4. It is essential to examine the heels of the shoes regularly. Consult a children’s podiatrist in Sydney, if you notice any uneven heel wear in the shoes used by your children.
  5. Reputed podiatrists advise parents to take their children while going for shoe shopping. Every pair of shoes fits differently and it is advisable to let your children try on the shoes and select a pair, they are comfortable to walk-in. The shoe must fit perfectly and provide good support to the feet.
  6. According to children’s podiatrists, it is always better to buy the size that fits the larger foot. The size of both the feet is not always the same.
  7. Experienced children’s podiatrist in Sydney, advise parents to buy shoes that are comfortable in the first use. They should not require a break-in period. Encourage your children to try the shoes along with socks, if they wear socks regularly with shoes.

AFL And NRL Clubs Discovered To Have Misled Fans On Merchandise Refunds

For anyone who buys products from an AFL shop online or offline, customer rights give Aussies some peace of mind when shopping online.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is the independent arm of the Australian government in charge of enforcing customer rights and fair trade, and is also responsible for investigating cases of customer rights being violated.

Recently, they’ve been investigating 9AFL clubs and 12 NRL clubs with regards to their policies on club merchandise, and found that their sales policies are in violation of Australian Consumer Law.

Up until April 2018, the ACCC reports, many of the clubs have terms that state that products are only eligible for a refund or a return if they were purchased at full price or had not actually been worn or used.

The clubs that were under investigation have since rectified their policies to meet up with Australian Consumer Law.

Under Australian Law, all properly legally sold are eligible for a refund or a return, whether they’re bought on an AFL shop online or offline, even if they were sold at a discounted rate.

According to the ACCC, some of the clubs investigated also told their customers and fans that they had to provide the original proof of purchase when they try to get a refund or return the time, when, Aussie law allows such with any legitimate proof of purchase.

ACCC Chair Rod Sims said, point blank, that football clubs are not exempt from Australian Consumer Law.

Sims reports that the ACCC discovered that the 21 club’s statements claimed that consumers were only entitled to a refund or return in very specific circumstances, when customers are entitled to such in many more situations as per the terms of the Australian Consumer Law. He adds that, under Australian Consumer Law, consumers have guaranteed rights which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.

If football fans purchase a piece of merchandise, Sims says, if it has a major fault, then they are entitled to either a refund or replacement.

The ACCC says that consumers who purchase products on sale or at clearance outlets are still eligible for refunds, repairs, or a replacement, provided that they have legitimate proof of purchase, and that the faults of the products were not revealed and detailed to them prior to purchase.

The AFL clubs identified by the ACCC with misleading policies are:

  • Carlton Football Club
  • Collingwood Football Club
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Fremantle Football Club
  • Geelong Football Club
  • Hawthorn Football Club
  • Melbourne Football Club
  • Richmond Football Club
  • Sydney Swans Football Club

The 12 NRL clubs identified by the ACCC as having misleading policies are:

  • Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Rugby League Football Club
  • Cronulla Sutherland District Rugby League Football Club
  • Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club
  • Many Warringah Rugby League Football Club
  • Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club
  • Newcastle Rugby League Football Club
  • Parramatta Eels Rugby League Football Club
  • South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club
  • George Illawarra Rugby League Football Club
  • Titans Rugby League Football Club
  • Wests Tigers Rugby League Football Club

Why You Should Contact A Furniture Removalists

If you haven’t tried moving house before, you might never know how hard it really is when it comes to moving furniture. You might be able to move furniture from one point to another but a Sydney furniture removals company will surely make the task easier and less time-consuming. There are many advantages to hiring removalists and here are some reasons you might not know about why many homeowners are turning to these professionals for help.

First and foremost, the task is not an easy one unless the work is a very small job that only requires a van and a number of friends to help out. Removalists know how to move heavy furniture safely and they can work within a certain timeline which saves a lot of costs. Hiring only a van when you have a lot of items to take with you could mean a few trips back and forth.

Furniture can be heavy and most of them are shaped oddly therefore there is a big chance that you might damage them while moving. Arranging them inside the vehicle is another story. Removalists are trained to move furniture as they pass through doorways and narrow staircases. Inexperienced movers might damage the furniture or worse, hurt themselves if they have no idea what they are doing.

One word that removalists have and you don’t – insurance. Hiring professional furniture removalists mean they are insured and will cover damages on the furniture. If they hurt themselves while working, their medical bills will also be covered with insurance. If these unfortunate things happen to you or your friends who decided to help you, you might have to pay everything from your own pocket which can be expensive considering you also have to pay for your current move.

If you are working within a time-constraint, it is recommended to hire professional Sydney furniture removals because they work faster. It will save you a lot of time and would be able to move within the expected date you want. These professionals also have bigger trucks to accommodate furniture without having to take multiple trips.

Malcolm Speed Calling On Mark Taylor To Replace CA Chair David Peever

The current controversy surrounding Cricket Australia has put its corporate culture under heavy scrutiny from experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis, as well as sports enthusiasts across the world.

Now, Malcolm Speed, former CEO of Cricket Australia has called for resignation of current Chair, David Peever, and his replacement by Mark Taylor, a former captain, calling recent revelations as a sign that ‘dyed-in-the-wool cricket people’ need to take back control of the sport from an increasingly corporatized leadership.

Speed, who is currently the Executive Director of Major Professional and Participation Sports, decried Peever’s handling of the release of the cultural review into CA following the ball-tampering scandal in Newlands, Cape Town, particular Peever referring to the incident in question as a mere ‘hiccup’ for the sport.

Speed also indicated that leaders with a background in cricket would be willing to join the CA Board should Taylor take over, who has already served as director twice in the past, since 2004, but has never really taken the post of Chair. Also a Former ICC CEO, Speed says that he’s been friends with all of the recent chairmen of Australian Cricket, and the crisis is indicative of the problem; as Peever is the first Chair to be from a corporate background, not a cricket-based one.

He says that Peever discussed the tragedy, something Speed himself would consider as orchestrated cheating; something against the very laws of the game, as a mere hiccup. Speed says it’s much more than that, and Peever’s mindset proves to him that the game can choose a better chairman, that it deserves better leadership than what it currently has now.

Taylor, who supported Peever’s re-election as CA Chairman for an additional 3 years, was present at the release of the cultural reviews in Melbourne, which was conducted by Dr. Simon Longstaff of the Ethics Centre alongside former Test opening batsman Rick McCosker.

Speed points to Taylor as the proper successor, saying that he’s been on the board for a while now, and that he, someone who’s lived and breathe the sport, and knows it well, is the best choice for the next Chair.

The former CEO says that the corporatization of the board, a result of a governance review from approximately eight years ago, was brought along with some much-needed diversity; some change like what people like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis would recommend. But the sport needs people who are from the sport now, and that’s why he’s calling on ‘dyed-in-the-wool cricket’ people to take the stand.