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Accessibility The Next Challenge For Pattaya Tourism

Pattaya is now on a quest to become a city where tourism is for all by making sure that disabled individuals will have better access around hotels such as the hotel near Rama Yana waterpark and every tourist attractions in the city. Once successful, Pattaya intends to become a model city to show every other city in Thailand that it is possible to turn facilities into accessible areas for those who need them.

The news came after the seminar, whichwas held last year through the organization of the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration. The event was held at the Redemptorist School for Persons with Disabilities and around 250 hoteliers along with executives from the tourism sector attended the seminar. There was a workshop provided which discussed mainly how to make public transport become more accessible as well as every tourists attraction around Pattaya.

According to the lead of the Environmental Design for All Center of the Thammasat University, ChumkhetSawaengcharoen, the city can become a model for all when it comes to accessibility. He believes that Pattaya should prioritize decreasing the amount of carbon footprint it is contributing to the environment through construction of addition public transport that will be accessible for every individual.

Universal Design for All Foundation, KritsanaLalai, is encouraging hotels, theme parks, government offices, private offices, guesthouses and service centres to become more aware of the needs of disabled individuals, the senior citizens and even pregnant women.

He added that it is their goal to be able to start a foundation that focuses on giving everyone equal treatment. Issues regarding architecture projects’ friendly design should be discussed more to find a suitable solution and everyone should follow using the same standard. When this happens, Pattaya can be a good starting point to show how pleasant a city that is liveable for every individual.

Although there are already facilities that are accessible to disabled people, majority are still not prioritizing the needs of this group of people. Many of them book hotels such as the hotel near Rama Yana waterpark in order to experience the city and its attraction without hassle.

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