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Are Nerds Ruining The Fun Of American Sports?

Many people have taken health insurance in Thailand to avoid paying out of pocket costs for their hospitalizations. However, it is important to determine whether sports-related injuries will be included. Professional athletes usually have special insurance plans although many extreme sports like hang gliding and skateboarding may not be included.

However, there is another issue that is challenging the world of sports. According to retired baseball player Jayson Werth, it seems that nerds are ruining American sports. The super nerds do not know anything about baseball but they project numbers and project players. Werth, a fairly decent player who was to able to earn more than $136 million during his 15-year sports career, said that players need not go out there anymore. Instead laptops and computers can take over.

Richard “Goose” Gossage, former Yankees relief pitcher said that the games are becoming a joke because nerds are running it. Nerds believe that they have figured how to play the game. Nerds have not played baseball to any respectable level. They do not understand baseball at an elemental level because they simply rely on data and analytics. Because of too much fusing over data and analytics, baseball is losing its spontaneity. Players are losing their self-expression.

The issue is not confined to baseball. Coaches are using analytics and player recruitment is growing. Other major sports are experiencing the backlash from statisticians. The future of professional sports is expected to be a battle between art and science, gesture and data and virtuosity and the system.

Nerds rarely make a public defence of their in place in sports. Perhaps, they believe that the contest has been won in their favour. Does this mean that American sports are no longer fun to watch? The most striking in news headlines are individual featsof virtuosity and athleticism. Data is important for teams but sport is still about the quality of individual decision making while playing.

Meanwhile, health insurance in Thailand as well as the rest of the world is important for all individuals whether or not they are involved in active sports. You have the peace of mind that there is fast, reliable and expert coverage when you need it for ailments and injuries.

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