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ASEAN Ready For The Influx Of Tourists

Asean countries have expressed their readiness when it comes to the tourism bonanza that many are expecting to happen this year. The countries are getting ready for the economic gains brought about by the rise in tourism. Analysts have predicted that the number of international visitors will increased to almost 200 million in 2030 from the 120 million recorded in 2017. This is already felt by Thailand as Rayong hotels are already accepting many bookings from tourists.

According to Malaysia’s secretary of general at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Rashidi Hasbullah, they are looking for investors in order to afford an expansion that will help them further develop the infrastructure as well as tourism projects in Asean countries. These are necessary in order to accommodate the increasing number of tourists in the region. Hasbullah expressed this sentiment during the Asean-Korea Tourism Investment Seminar 2018 which was conducted in Seoul, South Korea.

He added that the measures they are conducting in order to encourage the rise of tourism is part of their major plan to emphasize the Asean Tourism Strategic Plan for the years 2016 until 2025. The tourism ministers under the Asean were able to discuss about the plan during the meeting at the capital city of South Korea. They have also committed to increase investments in order to fund infrastructure necessary to answer the demand in the growing tourism economy of the region. This is one of the many major priorities.

Hasbullah and the leaders believe that the development of infrastructure will be beneficial to countries because it will lead to an increase in corporate earnings, higher employment rate and the incomes will also increase.

As a whole, Asean countries have a total gross domestic product or GDP of 2.6 trillion in USD for the year 2016. That figure helped the region rank in the sixth spot when it comes to having the largest economy. By 2030, the region expects that they will be able to rise to the fourth place. When this happens, Thailand businesses such as Rayong hotels will benefit from the rise in the economy as well as the rest of the countries.

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