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Australia Post Will Be Testing New Electric Delivery Vehicles

With the general public’s increasing demand, as well as the increasing benefits and practicality of environmental sustainability, Melbourne courier companies and other delivery organisations are testing out e-vehicles for their fleets, to see what they can do.

One of the more notable entities to be part of the revolution is Australia Post, with their latest announcement regarding their trail of a new, Aussie-built three-wheeled electric delivery vehicle, the Stealth OzPOD.

The vehicle, built in Southeast Melbourne, will be delivering packages to people in the Lilydale suburb over a five-week time period, as Australia Post looks to test the vehicle’s capabilities over different kinds of terrain, with the goal of seeing how this new model would work with existing electric vehicles available to Melbourne courier companies and Australia Post itself.

According to Australia Post’s General Manager for Network Optimisation, Mitch Burton, Lilydale is the perfect area to test the Stealth OzPODdue to the fact that locals in the area are shopping online more than ever before, and, as a part of that, more small parcels are being delivered in the area than ever before.

Burton added that the Australia Post is aware that the people in Lilydale love online shopping, with health and beauty, fashion, as well as media being the most popular purchases among residents within the area selected for the e-vehicle’s trial.

Burton noted that the yearly growth rate for online shopping in Lilydale is higher than Australia’s national average, sitting at 21%. In 2018, the area had about 79% of its households purchasing online, higher than that year’s national average of 73%.

Reportedly, the Stealth OzPOD was under development for two and a half years, locally built and designed with Australian environments and conditions in mind, with added measures to account for safety, stability, inclement weather, as well as gradient and surfaces. The e-vehicle has a carrying capacity of up to 720lt, with a top speed of 50km/h.

As Australia Post continues to change, Burton says that they are looking to equip their posties with the tools needed to deliver more small parcels. This new model and its trial is only their latest development, following their order of 1,000 Swiss-built three-wheel e-vehicles.

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