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Australia Seeing Lots Of Same-Sex Marriages Getting Registered In The Wake Of Legalisation

The Australian Parliament voted for the legalisation of same-sex marriage recently, and same-sex couples across the country have been responding, with hundreds of same-sex marriage getting registered across the country, which is good news not only for wedding caterers in Sydney, but anyone in the wedding industry across Australia.

Within the first month of the Parliament’s legalisation, at least 370 same-sex marriages were registered across the land down under, with the NSW seeing the most vows, with 142 homosexual couples having legally registered their unions since the 9th of January, to about early February. This accounted for approximately 9% of NSW’s 1602 registered weddings for that timeframe, according to the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Notably, same-sex marriages was legalised by the Australian Parliament in December of 2017, but couples needed to give a month’s notice if they want to get married.

The state of Victoria, meanwhile, has seen about 88 heterosexual registered by early February, while South Australia and Queensland have seen 25 and 61 same-sex marriages within that same timeframe. Notably, 61 of Queensland’s same-sex marriages involved women.

Out of 687 registered marriages in Western Australia that time, 45 of them were same-sex marriages, whilst Tasmania only recorded a total of 10 same-sex marriages in that time.

Many of the wedding caterers in Sydney have embraced the legalisation, thanks to the City Council being one of the two councils in NSW to offer free venues to homosexual couples following the legalisation. Six groups have already taken up the City Council’s offer, with at least a dozen weddings waiting for venues.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore says that its wonderful that the couples decided to celebrate their union in the local parks and community venues.

Sydney celebrant Andy Rohner has married quite a few gay couples, saying that you could see how much the couples were in love and how much mutual respect they had for each other. He says that the marriages were beautiful and important, not just for gay people like him, but also for all Australians to see these marriages.

Several businesses across Australia, in particular those in the wedding industry, have enjoyed increased business thanks to the legalisations.

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