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A Guide To International GCSE Program In Thailand

The International General Certificate in Secondary Education is the foreign counterpart of English students’ qualifying examinations. This is a rigorous academic exam for students who want to get accepted in international schools.

The following are the benefits of the international GCSE program in Thailand for students who take them:

  1. The program is internationally recognized.
  2. The international GCSE program in Thailand is useful to gain entry to top universities in Thailand.
  3. The program is recognized by the major employers worldwide,
  4. It is extremely useful in getting a slot at the most respected Thai international schools.

Many international schools in Thailand recognize the importance of the IGCSE program. It gives the students unique challenges while preparing for it. Why do schools know this? It’s because most of the staff in international schools in Thailand have also taken the English exams during their school days.

Who is IGCSE for?

The program is designed for students who desire to have a qualification that is internationally recognized to show their proficiency and skills in various subjects which would lead them to get further education in institutions across the world. The ages covered are usually 15-16 years old. This is ideal for students whose main language is not English.

What is in the examination?

Every subject has two curricula to follow. The core curriculum and the extended curriculum, each has its own awards to students.

How often can the exams be taken and where?

The exam has two sessions offered twice a year in November and May or June. It has no restrictions on the number of times you take it. You can take the exam in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

What can the qualification do to the student?

Being an internationally recognized examination, it gives the student a strong foundation to further his or her education in Thailand or other places abroad.

How to prepare for the examination?

One must study the IGCSE with a well-experienced teacher. It is advisable to start early to assess the needed work required to ensure success. One important thing is to practice all the time to get a good comprehension of the subjects involved.

The IGCSE program is a good foundation for a student to gain access to excellent universities in Thailand and other parts of the world. Being successful in getting the program can change the academic performance of the student and brings an opportunity to better academic studies.


Things To Consider In Choosing A Corporate Event Venue In Sutherland

Organizing an event involves a lot of preparations and decision makings to make. Picking the right venue will give the biggest impact on the event which is an integral part of the preparation. It must be properly assessed and researched to make the right decision.

Choosing the right corporate event venue in Sutherland partly affects the catering options, date when the event is scheduled, and pleasant experiences of the attendees. The earlier you start searching for a venue the better.

Things to consider in your search for a venue:

  1. Location

Choose a location within a rational distance from the homes of most of the attendees or workplaces. If most attendees would be traveling by air, a location close to the airport and the hotels they are billeted would be ideal. Whichever would be the case, you must consider the traffic, parking options, and transportation.

  1. Capacity

You need to know the capacity of the venue and check if the number of attendees would be comfortably accommodated so they can enjoy and have fun.

  1. Parking

A venue with ample parking space and valet parking would be a good choice. Also check if there are nearby parking areas in case the venue’s space is not enough for the guests. Inquire for the parking fees if there are any.

  1. Amenities and services

The amenities and services would include kitchen and catering services. Check if the facility fees could be waived. Venues without kitchen facilities mostly partner with caterers to provide for the food.

  1. Layout

Get a floor plan of the venue to allow you to make the necessary set-up of the event,

  1. Ambiance

Consider the existing design and décor of the venue. Make sure that it would fit your type of event.

  1. Insurance

Inquire if the venue management requires you of insurance to cover for the cost for damages, should there be any.

  1. Accessibility

This refers to the access of everyone to the venue especially those having special needs if you have attendees that need this special facility.

  1. Acoustics

It is ideal to get a venue with good acoustics so that the guests will not strain their ears and lose their voices while communicating with each other.

  1. Cost and Flexibility

Finally, check if the venue has open dates. This is a good way to negotiate with them cost wise.

Getting a good venue for a corporate event is an essential element to consider to allow your guests to have fun and experience good times that they can treasure.

Professional Athlete Ends Up Destitute After Offshore Tax Scheme Is Discovered By CRA

Professional athletes may find themselves in a unique situation when it comes to paying taxes. They usually earn income in Canada and the United States that charge different jock tax rates. Tax planning and working with an audit insurance company is very important for athletes who earn a steady income throughout the year.

Donovan Bailey is a retired Jamaican-Canadian sprinter who legally broke the 10-second barrier in the 100 meters to hold an Olympic world record. Bailey gave $3.75 million to charity with the assurance that one day who he would get a chunk of the money. This is part of a tax plan that will protect the money he has earned from sponsorship fees and prizes.

The funds are shielded from taxes in an athletic trust but after his retirement, Bailey had to gradually close the trust to minimize CRA’s cut on his earnings. The donation that was made to charity will flow back through a complicated series of transactions before it becomes tax-free through an offshore trust.

However, the charitable donation plan was a way to escape paying taxes which the government found later on. The architect of the plan was Stuart Bollefer, a Bay Street tax lawyer who claims to have the ability to provide innovative resolutions to the tax issues of his clients. The tax scheme was also promoted to other athletes that include a prominent Olympic athlete and a world champion skier.

The scheme allowed Bollefer’s clients to shuttle millions of dollars to offshore accounts using a colourful cast of characters. The Canadian government went after Bailey and Bollefer’s clients for unpaid taxes otherwise, they will face criminal prosecution. Bailey owed the Canadian government almost $2.3 million in taxes. Bailey was given the wrong advice in handling his money and he has to settle his tax debt.

The protection provided by audit insurance company prevents disputes from happening between accountants or lawyers and their clients. Fees associated to tax audits are paid promptly and the client avoids sleepless nights of stress and worries. Audit insurance covers previously logged returns including those that the accountant did not lodge or prepare.

California Falling Behind 2020 Recycling Target

Recycling isn’t just a business, but also a matter of preservation. The state of California, one of the foremost leaders in recycling in the US, with its many junk removal Orange County companies and the like, set a self-imposed goal for recycling; by 2020, the state hopes to have 75% of the materials it uses to be recyclable.

The most recent annual recycling rate recorded by the state was 42%, in 2017, which is a dip from the highest set by California; 50% in 2014.

CalRecycle Spokesperson Lance Klug, says that, regardless of when the state gets there, whether by 2020, 2025, or 2030, California needs to set a goal, in order to figure out the vision is, plan things out, set the right policies and enact those appropriately, as those will affect the state, particularly businesses that handle recycling and junk removal Orange County, among others.

Klug explains that there are a lot of variables that have led to the current state of recycling in California, but the biggest one, reportedly, is China. The country’s is the biggest exporter of recycled goods for California, which is why The Golden State have been hit hard.

According to Klug, it’s not just a matter of making sure that the materials are recyclable, it’s also a matter of finding a market for these things.

On top of that, online shopping have also upped the use of packaging of paper and plastic containers across the world.

Californians Against Waste’s Mark Murray says that plastic is the biggest obstacle when it comes to recycling. Plastic are classified into numbers, based on their composition. Number one to two, like water and soda bottles, are in demand, but plastics numbered three to seven aren’t really in demand.

Higher numbered plastics have become harder to recyclable in recent years, hence their lowered demand. Plastics numbered three to five, which include yogurt containers, have depreciated in value, which is still better compared to those numbered six and seven, which don’t have a market.

Murray explains that higher numbered plastics are becoming more commonplace as they’re cheaper to manufacture for companies who are dealing with increased cost.

The primary suggestion is aimed at consumers, in order to discourage them from using one-time plastic. However, the proposed Senate Bill 54 would pressure companies to increase their sale and utilize recyclable materials.

L’Occitane Acquires Natural Skincare Brand For $900 Million

The demand for organic skin products is growing, and the French cosmetics giant has taken notice, opting to make a business acquisition into the market segment with one of the largest investments, perhaps the largest acquisition, for the company to date.

L’Occitane International S.A. reported that it managed to get a definitive deal for the acquisition of one of the UK’s biggest luxury skincare and organic skin products companies, Elemis, for a value of $900 million, paid fully in cash. The latter was being sold the private equity firm, L. Catterton’s subsidiary, Steiner Leisure Limited. The transaction was finalized within the first quarter of 2019.

The largest independent British skincare brand, specializing in organic skin products, Elemis was co-founded by Noella Gabriel, Oriele Frank and Sean C. Harrington, with the last one acting as CEO since the company’s founding. The British cosmetics brand has a strong customer base among Millennials and Gen Z customers. The product enjoys worldwide distribution, being available at more than 1,600 salons, spas, stores, as well as e-retailers across the world, on top of being sold on QVC.

L’Occitane CEO Reinold Geiger issued a statement on the acquisition, saying that they happily welcome Elemis in its entirety; brand, business, and people alike, to the L’Occitane’s family, and notes that it’s a major stepping stone for the French company in their goal of creating a portfolio of premium beauty brands that’ll lead the industry, at large. He says that, with its award-winning products, broad appeal, effective consumer-focused strategies, and strong R&D activity, Elemis is in a good spot right now for continued expansion, and L’Occitane has always looked to the British company as a good example of how to operate a major business.

Geiger finished it up by saying that they have admired Elemis for their commitment to and specialization in organic materials as well as scientific innovation, and that they’re also looking forward to bring their expertise and resources in the industry in order to expand the British brand’s reach across the world.

Currently, L’Occitane has at least 3,000 retail outlets, with more than 1,500 of them being owned stores, and has market presence and operations in 90 countries across the world.

CDC Report Shows The State Of Dental Health Across American

Many a West Chester dentist, or anywhere else in the US, tell their patients to come back regularly, and not to miss their appointments, on top of the usual warnings and advice about dental health, and some of them say that their advice tends to go unheeded.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that’s actually happening. The CDC recently released their report on national dental hygiene in the US, which noted that about 36% of American adults have gone at least a whole year without going to a dentist. This is bad, as there’s already an abundance of clear evidence that says that the cost of prevention is much lower compared to the cost of treatment. A checkup ranges from $90 to $137 on average, while a single filling can cost anywhere between $230 to $313. Meanwhile, a crown will be far heavier on the wallet, costing at least $1,200, according to the report.

The report, however, also note that there’s more than just people maintaining their own dental health, as there are other variables that affect their dental health. People’s location is also a variable, as certain areas in the United States have more dentist professionals compared to others. Another major factor when it comes to dental health is the presence of fluoridated water in an area, which the report notes can help fight off tooth decay.

WalletHub, meanwhile, made their own study in order to see which states in the US has the healthiest teeth and gums, comparing data from the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, analyzing 26 key indicators of dental wellness, with the researchers ranking every state based off dental habits and oral health.

On top of the list is Wisconsin, with Arkansas at the rear. New Jersey sits at eighth, while Pennsylvania ranks at 36th, to the dismay of many a West Chester dentist in the state.

The report also took a look at things like adult dental visits, adolescent dental visits, treatment costs, and number of dentists. Pennsylvania managed to rank in at second in terms of adolescent dental visits at 2018.