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Barcelona Feeling the Effects of Not Having Messi

According to German football legend Lothar Matthaus only Barcelona star Lionel Messi has the realistic claim to win the Ballon d’Or this year. Matthaus who won the honor himself when he was the captain of West Germany’s team to the World Cup in 1990 suggested that no other player besides Messi should be in the running after he has spearheaded Barcelona to four major honors.

Matthaus believes that only one player merits the Ballon d’Or and that is Lionel Messi because he has returned to play at an excellent level for FC Barcelona. Messi has not only won the Champions League but the double in Spain although the titles in Argentina continue to resist him.

Messi’s goals speak for him, for the sheer brilliance of his play and the triumphs he has celebrated with Barcelona. He has extraordinary class and consistently shows the uniqueness of his games. According to Matthaus, he would be surprised if Messi does not win the trophy.

Messi is currently sidelined after an injury. His absence in the games has clearly affected Barcelona because it lost two of the last three La Liga games. It is testament to the greatness of Messi when world-class players like Neymar and Luis Suarez are struggling to combat the opponent.

Enrique is a big favorite as Coach of the Year but the challenge he faces for the remainder of the year is to get Barcelona going again. At the moment, their team is feeling the effects on not having Messi. The team is struggling with form and fitness and they are turning in sloppy showings that are well short of the level they scaled on their way to the treble glory in his debut term.

Various coaches have been unable to get the best from Messi but through Enrique’s management, Messi was able to guide Barcelona to a trio of honors at the end of 2014-2015. It will be a treat to see Messi return to show his remarkable prominence.

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