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‘Beach Awards’ Weigh In On The Best Beaches In The World

Beach tourism is a big thing across the world, with beach villas in Thailand, Spain, Hawaii and in other countries rake in massive profits from tourists looking to enjoy some sand, sea and sand. The industry’s a competitive one, with many vying for the accolades and awards of the industry’s experts. Now, a recent study has done just that, weighing in on the best beaches across the world, with a variety of locations winning in different categories.

Dubbed, ‘The Beach Awards’, saw a group of experts travelling around the world to spend about 2 days in 1595 beaches in 52 holiday destinations across the world, gathering at least 120 pieces of data during every visit. With the aim of being as objective as possible, the team took over 180,000 images of beaches, as well as evaluated the destinations based on factors like beach conditions, facilities, amenities, view, visual beauty, and child-friendliness, among others. The inspectors then wrote up their impressions, even conducting interviews with the people familiar with the areas.

The winners were then announced in five separate categories:

  • Wow;
  • Party;
  • Water sport;
  • Ambience, and;
  • Classic Holiday.

The Kingdom and its many beach villas in Thailand managed to eke out wins, alongside countries like Spain, Mexico, Australia, Germany and others.

In the Wow category, described by the experts as the beaches that take visitors’ breaths away, included PaiPlong Beach in Ruffian, Thailand, CalaMariolu in Sardina, Italy, White haven Beach in Australia, among others. The panel chose Dubai’s Barasti Beach as one of the best,  along Playa de Palma in Majorca, and others.

The Water sport category was split into three subcategories; kite surfing, windsurfing, and surfing, with beaches in Mexico, Australia, Germany, Spain and Oman being the big winners in this category. Special Ambience had winners from Zanzibar, Indonesia, Mauritius, Thailand, Greece, whilst the Classic Holiday category named Germany’s HörnumOststrand, Spain’s Playa de Muro, Dubai’s The Beach, and Turkey’s Konyaalti Beach.

Beach Inspector CEO Kai Michael Schäfer, says that awards was to show people places that they would have otherwise not discovered, as well as to make it easy for them to find the best beach for their next holiday.

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