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Busted! Drug Trafficking Incidents Using Courier Services

The drug enforcement agency in one of the Asian countries that are currently implementing a strict campaign against illegal drugs has reported a noteworthy rise in the number of drug trafficking incidents via the parcel courier services. The ones involved in providing courier services for the drug traffickers are from local and foreign companies.

Over the years, drug traffickers find ways to smuggle their goods into the target country through different means. Illegal drugs are transported by different local and international couriers. It is quite baffling how these couriers allowed illegal drugs to be transported using their companies. Fortunately, parcel couriers like have strict rules in accepting the items for delivery.

The Prohibited Items

There are parcel couriers that don’t accept prohibited and restricted items to be delivered using their services. They define restricted items as those which are not suitable for transport due to their fragility or sensitive issues involved.

Some of the prohibited items are:

– Aerosol sprays or cans

– All living creatures and/or animals

– Animal furs, skin, or any animal parts including but not limited to ivory and/or meat

– Anything with a label that says ‘hazardous’ (even if it’s only a used box)

– Any items that the country of import prohibits

– Items that have exceptional value (like silver, gold, precious gems, and antiques)

– Cheques or tickets

– Dangerous goods (like fireworks, explosives, replica or deactivated weapons, etc.)

– Dry ice

– Prescribed drugs or medication

– Pornographic materials

– Perishable goods and foods

– Human remains, ashes, or body fluids

– Household goods that are flammable or contain corrosive liquids

– Fire extinguishers and life jackets

– Gearboxes, Generators, Engines, or any part that has petrol or oil (unless it is cleaned professionally)

There’s also a restricted item list that clients should take note of. Smuggling of dangerous drugs is a worldwide problem. The criminals will think of every means just to get their dangerous goods to their target destination.

If every parcel couriers, such as, will impose the strict implementation of the rules, the problem involving drug may significantly lessen.

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