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Hotel Nikko Bangkok Set To Open Early 2019

Japanese luxury hotel group, Nikko Hotels International, has recently just revealed its latest addition to the portfolio. The group’s 38th Nikko Hotel, the Hotel Nikko Bangkok, is currently under development and will open its doors early in 2019, with bookings for rooms in the Sukhumvit hotel near BTS are now available.

Grand Tower Inn Group, which was initially founded back in 1985 as a serviced apartment operation group, is the entity possessing ownership of the property. Traditionally, the group’s clientele was comprised primarily of Japanese customers, with about 90% of their guests coming from the corporate sector, with the remaining percentage from the leisure market.

Located at 27 SukhumvitSoi 55, just a few minutes away on foot from the BTS Skytrain Thonglor Station, the property is a five-star development with 301 guestrooms and suites, which include 10 extended-stay rooms with fully-furnished kitchenettes. Japanese bathrooms, known for their uniqueness, are a highlight of the rooms, sporting a TOTO Washlet toilet in its own, separate room, complimented with Panpuri bathroom amenities.

This new Sukhumvit hotel near BTS will also sport four restaurants and lounges; namely the Hishou for Japanese cuisine, The Oasis for all-day dining, Curve 55 lobby lounge and The Pool Bar for those looking to relax in the water with a drink.

For breakfast, guests have several options to choose from; from going for international cuisine at The Oasis, or going to the Hishou, which offers breakfast food for visitors who head there early in the morning.

The Hotel Nikko Bangkok is also equipped  to handle MICE needs, with the Fuji Grand Ballroom within. One of the largest rooms of its kind in the Thonglor area, this MICE space is able to host 1,250 people for cocktails.

As an extension for the meeting space, there are an additional eight small and medium sized function rooms, plus an outdoor terrace and balcony, which brings the hotel’s total meeting space to over 19,300ft2.

As part of their promotional efforts, the hotel is offering special rates for its superior rooms, which covers breakfast for two, for stays from February, which is valid until the end of June 2019.

Thai Hotel Investment Likely To Slow Down

Many a hotel and luxury spa in Sukhumvit and across Thailand have been popping up, as hotel investment in the country hit an all-time high in 2017, hitting 17 billion baht ($524.7 million), led by several large, marquee transactions.

However, in spite of the high level of interest that investors are displaying towards the country, property consultancy firm JLL says that Thailand’s transaction volume in 2018 is unlikely to match the prior year’s records as there are less investment-grade hotel assets present on the market.

Data from the consultancy firm shows that 12 hotel assets were sold in 2017, which amounted to a total of 17 billion baht. That’s a 70% increase from 2016, and is 39.7% higher than the five-year annual recorded between 2012 and 2016, which sits at 12.2 billion baht.

In terms of value, Bangkok and its many a hotel and luxury spa in Sukhumvit amounted for a huge chuck of the investment activity in the country, with six hotel assets sold for a total of 14 billion baht, which is approximately 80% of the market on their own.

These six assets include the Edition hotel at the Mahanakorn development, which was sold to a private equity fund in the US, alongside its observation deck, while Singapore’s Carlton hotel group acquired a 34-storey partially completed building on SukhumvitSoi 27.

The property that was once the Premier Inn, located on Sukhumvit, was acquired by Singapore’s V Hotel Group, whilst the Somerset Lake Point was acquired by Japan’s JR Kyushu. Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, meanwhile, acquired the SwissotelNaiLert Park, whilst a serviced apartment project in Thong Lorwas sold to a private investor.

Other major transactions outside of Bangkok involved the Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai, the Pilanta Resort on Phi Phi Island, as well as the Premier Inn Pattaya, which was acquired by Singapore’s V Hotel Group as part of a portfolio.

2018 also saw an increase in foreign investment, accounting for more than half of trade value in Thailand, with buyers from Singapore, Japan and the US accounting for the largest investments.

Mike Batchelor, CEO of JLL’s Hotels and Hospitality Group Asia, attributes the strong level of investment in Thailand’s hotel market to continued growth in visitor arrivals as well as healthy hotel trading performance, aided by stability in the sociopolitical front.

TAT Chief In Phuket Clarifies Low Tourism Rumor

Ms. Kanokkittika of the Public Relations Department’s Phuket office released a statement regarding rumours that the island is suffering because of the low tourism. She admitted that the number of arrivals from mainland China has decreased by 2.63 per cent in comparison to the same period in 2017. This is not a cause for concern though because while Chinese arrivals are falling, other source markets are compensating with a rise of 3.63 per cent in tourists arrivals from other countries. There are those who hire Phuket private boat while others are staying in resorts within the island.

According to her, she does not agree with the assessment that the number of arrivals in Phuket dropped because it is only true for the number of Chinese arrivals based on the figures provided by the Phuket Immigration. Looking at the record, the number of tourists that are Chinese nationals reached 130,221. These are arrivals record from the Phuket International Airport between the December 1 and 15.

Compared to last year, the number has decreased by 3,516 Chinese tourists but it does not mean that there is a huge decrease in tourist number in general. Looking at the records of other nationalities, 355,429 tourists came to Phuket which shows an increase of 3.63 per cent compared t the same period of the previous year.

Ms. Kanokkittika said that in terms of group tours that are booking hotel rooms in Phuket, there has been a decrease of 5 per cent mainly because of cancellations. The same goes for the number of tourists that is signing up for tour boats in the island which boards from the Rassada Pier. These tour boats are touring the islands of PhangNga Bay as well as Phi Phi Island.

She added that we their record proves that the number of free, solo travellers is far greater compared to group travellers. Considering all nationalities, the rate of hotel occupancy is at 71.77 per cent which saw an increase of 0.1 per cent compared to the same period in 2017. Still, the island is top choice because of Phuket private boat which can be rented for a different holiday itinerary.

Why Buy Suitable Motorcycles For Women At Wheels Honda

Many women hope to learn to ride a motorcycle nowadays. It seems that many female riders are into this sport recently and all for a great reason. One cannot express how they feel when riding a motorcycle and you’ll certainly be one of them. Learning to ride a bike isn’t just for males, but women too struggle with the learning. That’s why you’ll find some engaged in sports bike. Andfor that sports bike you’ll want to ride, get it from Wheels Honda along with its various options.

Sometimes, female motor bikers do face challenges when choosing an appropriate bike to ride. Many motorcycle manufacturers innovate and design these rides for people who are tall including women. However, females are statistically shorter than men, and you need to find the right motorcycle with a lower seat height. You also need to make the seat narrower, so that a female rider can reach the ground with her feet. To find one, check out Wheels Honda for options.

If you have chosen motorcycles with low seat height, then it’s definitely a great choice for women. The foot controls of the motorcycle must be convenient to use for females, and the hand controls and handlebars must be reachable for women with shorter arms. The clutch and front brake must be convenient for those with smaller hands. So, these types of motorbikes are perfect for the needs of women. They also need to handle the power that these motorcycles provide.

Also, to ensure safety when riding the motorcycle, you need to buy motorcycle gears such as helmets, gloves, knee pads, jacket, which you can acquire from Wheels Honda. This may cost you more money, but it’s one-time purchase that will make your trip with the bike more secure and safe. Choose gears that are comfortable to use. You also want to drive easily and conveniently while wearing them.

For a lady who wants to learn to drive a motorcycle, you also need to get the moral support from loved ones and friends, so you’ll have a wonderful experience. You don’t want to get intimidated while riding the two-wheeled vehicle down the roads. You need to be determined and have consistent practice to make you really learn the riding fast and safely. Choose Wheels Honda if you’re searching for motorbikes to ride, especially if it’s to pursue your sport.

Heading Out For A Family Dining In Helensburgh

The families of today are busier that parents don’t have time to prepare home-cooked meals for everyone. That’s why it’s a great suggestion to have everyone have a family dining in Helensburgh, a place just south of Sydney’s central business district. Aside from enjoying a great time together, studies prove that families who eat together tend to be closer, communicate with each other, and have their kids doing well at school.

Eating Out on Busy Days

While you may consider it important to sit down with family to dine, parents find it difficult to do it sometimes. During the school year, parents and kids find themselves busy with different activities such as lessons, clubs, sports, practices and other organized events. By the time dinnertime is ready, everyone seems to be exhausted. And parents find it difficult to cook dinner at the last minute.

To save them time and effort, they can head on to have a family dining in Helensburgh and enjoy a luscious meal free from hassles. The meal is affordable, deliciously cooked home-style in a comfortable dining room table. The best part of having it in Helensburgh restaurants is having to relax and enjoy everyone’s company without cooking or cleaning up.

Making Mealtime Easy and Different

After a long day at work and picking up the kids at school, Mom will be too exhausted to cook a huge family meal. One must realise that preparing a meal to please everyone isn’t easy and you need it tasty and nutritious. The preparation can even take time if you have a complete meal for your loved ones. Even if cooking is a hobby, there will be times you feel tired and bored to prepare, especially if it’s the same dish day in and day out.

However, when you head on to have a family dining in Helensburgh, you don’t have to worry about shopping in the supermarket and flipping the pages of your cookbooks. You don’t even need to please everyone with their favourite dish as the meals are served based on your chosen menu. Hence, everyone will be happy to dine out and have a great time.

Why Removalists In Sydney Are The Best People For The Move

Do you have plans of relocating interstate or on long distance? You can check out few removalists in Sydney that can help you move and all for a reasonable price. If you’re planning to move your sports equipment to a different state as you’re doing games there, you’ll have the move possible. The equipment can be huge and heavy, and you need the right removalist to do the job.

So, if you’re considering moving within Sydney, or any part in NSW, or interstate, you’ll just have to find a furniture removalist that can provide you efficient and smooth relocation. There are plenty to find online and you just have to ask for a quote from those offering a significant price.

Delegating the Job with an Expert

Relocating or moving out from your current location can be a daunting task to accomplish. If you had to do it yourself, it will take you ages before you get yourself done. However, if you delegate the job with removalists in Sydney, they can have the job done fast and efficient, without causing damage to your belongings and possessions. They have the right packing materials that will keep your stuff safe and secure. They also do a systematic approach so that it’s done easily and quickly. The removalists can also help you unpack the items when it reaches your preferred relocation.

The removalists can also provide you a truck where you can use to move your things on the road. Depending on what you need, they have trucks that are also well-maintained. It may also take some time for the travel especially if you have to move interstate. Just ensure that all your possessions and belongings are labelled properly like your gym or play equipment, trampolines and more, so it reaches your destination. If the removalists in Sydney are chosen properly, you can expect a smooth transition during the move.

Choose the best removalists that can take your things without any damage. You can always check if they have been in business for quite a long time. You can also check if they offer storage and moving of pets. They can be readily provide an estimate that fits your budget. They can also discuss some other requirements which you feel you will need to know.