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How To Take Care Of Orchid Plants And Keep Them Alive For Longer Duration

Orchids are gorgeous indoor plants that liven up the space with their colourful and delicate flowers. Orchid plants require a lot of care and pampering. They are not the right choice for forgetful people. These plants require regular watering and proper sunlight to bloom.

If you are planning to buy an orchid plant for your home, here are some tips from popular orchid suppliers to help you keep the plant alive for long durations.

  1. Make sure the plant receives a lot of sunlight,the plant should be ideally kept at an east facing part of the room. They require indirect sunlight. Exposing the orchid plants to the harsh sunlight will result in the leaves burning out and the flowers wilting. Inspect the leaves of the orchid plant regularly, dark leaves indicate the plant is not getting the required sunlight whereas leaves with red patches indicate the plant are exposed to harsh light. The ideal colour of orchid leaves is bright Olive green.
  2. Most of the reputed orchid suppliers recommend watering the orchid plants carefully. They should ideally be watered once a week using lukewarm or room temperature water, depending on the season. Try to water the plant early and place it in the sun, to help dry out. Take care to water the plant under the leaves and do not water the crown. Blot out any excess water from the crown as it might cause the crown to rot, eventually killing the plant.
  3. Maintaining a stable temperature is important to keep your orchids safe and beautiful. Frequent changes in temperature will make the buds to drop off and the leaves to dry. According to reputed orchid suppliers, the optimum temperature for orchids is between sixty five to eight five degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Feed the orchid plants with the right fertilizer at least once in a month. Use good quality fertilizer and mix it properly with water before using it.
  5. An important tip from orchid suppliers is to never pot orchids in soil. Orchids grow attached to other plants in the wild, hence it is recommended to use loose bark to pot orchids.