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Hottest Bathroom Trends In 2018

Bathroom is not only a place for hygiene; it is increasingly used for relaxation and beauty. This is the place where you feel comfortable and fresh. Due to this reason, there is a growing trend of designer bathrooms which are lavishly and tastefully decorated.

Before you start designing your bathroom or start making plans to remodel it, here are the latest bathroom trends gaining popularity:

  • Practical storage spaces that take less space. Wall hanging cabinets, mirrored bathroom cabinets and corner units are seeing a rise in popularity. These cabinets save space in the room. The use of mirrors makes the bathroom appear large and spacious. The cabinets have compartments and drawers to neatly organize your bathroom utilities and linens.
  • Style with a touch of originality is a major trend that will be vogue always. Add a touch of originality with warm colors, wall papers that mimic nature or walls adorned with recovered wood.
  • Ceramics are slowly gaining popularity. Ceramic tiles for showers, ceramic floor tiles and ceramic basins. Tone on tone, patch work and graphic designs are the new style in ceramic prints.
  • Natural stones like Marble and Quartz are getting popular for tiles and basins.
  • Mix and match theme to break the monotony is in trend. Using Asymmetrical shapes in tiles and accessories is going to be rage in the coming years.
  • Multifunctional showers equipped with steam system, linear drain, anti-fog mirror, racks for holding soaps and shampoos and so on are seeing an increase in demand.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosures that suit any type of bathroom decor and give a spacious look to small bathrooms are in trend. They give the bathroom a neat and contemporary look.
  • Bath tub is slowing seeing an increase in demand. The increasing demand for luxury in bathrooms led to innovation of a variety of baths that require less space. They come in different shapes like square, oval and round.
  • Technology has entered into bathrooms. Motion sensor temperature settings and lights, mirrors with LED lightings, towel dryers and touch screen mirrors are gaining popularity among tech savvy generation.
  • Wooden furniture is always in trend. It gives a natural and warm look to the interior. Wood is used in different forms like hardwood flooring, mirrored bathroom cabinets in Oak and vanity units made of wood.

Where To Shop For Aluminium Extrusion In Thailand

Think about an industry and you will always find aluminium in its materials. Industries such as communications, electronics, building construction, automotive, mass transportation, spacecraft and many others all require aluminium in their production. You can find a good number of manufacturers and distributors of aluminium extrusion in Thailand but if you are not sure where to begin with your search, take a look at these ideas.

Ask from trade partners

No matter what industry you are working in, surely, you have partners or people who are also working on the same project and they might know of reputable suppliers of materials that you need. Ask for recommendations and find out if they were satisfied with the service, quality and price of the materials. You can also ask your friends in the industry for a good supplier of aluminium extrusion in Thailand especially those who are actively engaged in projects using aluminium.

Offline hardware

Another good option is to check from the local hardware stores in your area. List down the prices from different offline suppliers and compare them later on. Find out if they can offer free delivery as it can lower your overall costs for materials. One benefit of doing offline shopping is you can personally check the materials and scrutinize their quality. You might also want to check if the hardware store offers discounted aluminium supplies or if they will be having a sale on the item anytime soon. The only thing about offline shopping is you would have to allocate time to do it and you will also spend gas for it.

Search on the internet

If you want to look for suppliers of aluminium extrusion in Thailand the convenient way, refer to online sources such as discussion boards, blogs and independent review sites. You will find a good number of suppliers in your area but it is important that you choose one with excellent customer feedback especially on its price and quality. Choose a supplier that has been in the industry for several decades or one that is already established. Read customer feedback to help you in your decision-making.