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Thai Cave Rescue Featured In An Exhibit

Perhaps the whole world has heard about the unfortunate event that 12 young football players experienced recently when they got trapped inside a cave in Thailand. Siam Paragon, one of the upmarket shopping malls in the country, decided to make an exhibit to show people what really happened and also to serve as a warning for those who are planning to venture into dangerous caves. Even guests staying at a family connecting room in Sukhumvit went to see the exhibit in its full glory.

There is a tunnel that children can try to pass through while dripping water can be heard in the background. According to a 78 year old shopper who tried the tunnel, SupiraPungkanon, the tunnel would be most suitable to set an example for children to let them know it is not a good idea to go on adventures on their own.

The tunnel is made of plastic and spans 10 meters. It was painted with murky brown which is similar to the actual cave in Chaing Rai province of Thailand. The unfortunate incident that happened to the football players of the Moo Pa team along with their coach caught the attention of the international news. This is also the inspiration of the exhibit called ThamLuang Incredible Mission: The Global Agenda. The boys and their coach were trapped inside the cave for two weeks.

According to the manager of the ministry of culture, SalineeChuman, they took pride in the success of the rescue because it showed the true essence of being a Thai. The whole community united in order to be of help during the trying time. The exhibit will be shown until the 9th of September. Three days prior to the closing of the exhibit, a gratitude party will be held in order to give thanks to everyone who helped including people from more than 100 nations.

Visitors can book a family connecting room in Sukhumvit in order to witness the exhibit where they can see all the equipment used for the rescue mission. There is a mannequin proud with a dive suit, underwater robots, thermal blankets and edible gel that the bys consumed in order to survive hunger. The exhibition will also be featured in other parts of Thailand while movies and books are already on the works.

What Is The Work Of An Optometrist In Jannali

Our sense of eyesight plays a very important role in our lives. To make your eyes see clearly, you’ll need to see an optometrist in Jannali to tell you the overall health of your eyes and brain. An optometrist can best explain his role towards improving good eyesight and how it can affect the entire health of the body.

Job Description: The main role of an optometrist in Jannili is to provide primary eye care. As the specialist can address eye health and vision concerns, the process includes testing, assessment, diagnosis, and correcting the vision through training, eyeglasses or contact lenses. For ocular conditions, the optometrist can advise needed antibiotics or other topical treatments. He then conveys the patient’s condition to a health provider for proper treatment. He can also help his clients choose spectacle frames and fashion eyewear.

Why Do They Love Their Job?

As an optometrist in Jannili,helping patients to see clearly has grown to be a passion. Vision problems can be managed and corrected if detected early. People must understand the importance of having their eyes checked regularly. And optometrists seem happy when they see a smile on their patient’s face, especially with an improved vision.

Emphasis in Providing Better Health

An optometrist in Jannilican detect changes in the patient’s blood vessels as shown in his eyes, especially when they have high blood pressure. They can refer the patient to a general practitioner to immediately curethe health problems. With the discovery, patients are helped out to minimise risks of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and other serious health concerns.

From the Work Experience What Health Tips Can They Provide?

What’s good for the eyes will mean it’s good for the body. The optometrist in Jannili can advise his patients to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and rest well. Many of the eye conditions that can harm the eyesight don’t show evident symptoms until the disease has advanced. So, if you experience eye symptoms, go to the nearest clinic and have your sight checked. The specialist can immediately recommend treatments that improve your symptoms.


The Perks And Responsibilities Of Being A Certified Divemaster

Do you love diving and exploring underwater? Do you have good leadership skills? Now is the time to put those skills to use and become a Divemaster.

What is a Divemaster?

A Divemaster’s main role is to organise and lead dives. He or she may assist the dive instructor in facilitating diving courses as well. As a Divemaster, you will have the opportunity to lead divers in recreational dives or even teach snorkelling programmes.

People who enrol and finish Divemaster courses in Thailand, Australia, and other locations worldwide would also have the chance to work in different diving centres around the world. This opens up diving and exploring opportunities for them across different locations.

How does one become a Divemaster?

Interested individuals may seek Divemaster courses in Thailand, United States, Canada, and other locations. The course will teach you the know how’s of becoming a Divemaster, including leadership skills, exploring and familiarising yourself with various dive locations, equipment handling, and even refilling dive tanks.

Maps of the dive sites will also be provided for the safety of all divers. To prepare you even more, you will also undergo first aid and emergency response training so that you are ready should any emergency or mishap occurs.

The job will not only help you hone your diving and leadership skills, but improve your customer service and communication skills as well. The divers who you will guide are still paying customers, and would require tactful communication should the need arise. Good communication skills are important in ensuring that the customers also understand everything about the dive and avoid problems when you are all underwater.

Course, Location and Accommodation

While the Divemaster courses may somehow be similar across different diving centres, you may also want to consider where you would like to learn and work. There are many diving locations all over the world, and some dive centres may even handle your accommodation and flight if you decide to become a Divemaster with them.

Being a Divemaster is a great opportunity for those who want to impart their knowledge in diving and the beauty of the underwater, but it is also a job for those who are ready to take on the responsibility of guiding divers, and ensuring their safety and enjoyment along the way.

Be Extra Careful Against Shonky Roofing Specialists In Sydney

Choose the right roofing specialists in Sydney, so you make the right investments on your roof. If you choose cheap roof restorations, that sound to good to be true, you’ll probably regret why you have hired them in the first place. When you have employed a qualified and licenced professional, they can easily repair or restore the roof in the most efficient way, thus adding value to your property.

Homeowners need to protect their belongings and be extra careful with shonky roofing specialists in Sydney that seem to good to be true. They may not only damage your roofing but worsen its condition. Most of these fly-by-night operators are unlicensed and uninsured, so they can’t guarantee the quality of work done. Many of them use poor quality products, which in the long run can get damaged so easily. They can also provide hidden charges for services that you may not be aware of. Many times, in the restoration, you find unsightly roofs with peeled paint or broken tiles. Unfortunately, customers are left with nothing but fake warranties, false promises and poor quality roof restorations. You’ll even regret considering their services.

The too-good-to-be-true operators target a certain area, promising customers with warranties, and able to advertise their services through street signs and in local newspapers. Generally, they only advertise about their price and contact numbers. They don’t even mention about their business name, licence number and address. Mobile phones are changed regularly, and they can move to the next suburb searching for new victims to exploit.

If you want to do away with these shonky operators, you can do the following simple steps:

  • Do thorough research of reputable roofing specialists in Sydney for your projects;
  • Don’t be tempted by cheap and nasty providers that don’t give explanations on what you’re paying for;
  • Ensure that they can provide you a licence number, qualifications and business details;
  • Verify their website for customer reviews and testimonials and ask them for references;
  • Check their length of service in the business; and,
  • Ask family and close friends for referrals and recommendations.

Dressing The Home With Interior Stone Tiles

When you are building or renovating the home, one of the most daunting decisions you have to make is the choice of floor covering. There are lots of choices of available but your best option is interior stone tiles that can make design come to life. Stone tiles are a beautiful solution for both indoor and outdoor flooring because of its decorative features.

Over the past few years, tile offerings have resulted into similar interior designs but now manufacturers of tiles have improved their offerings. The focus is now on adding texture, geometry and graphic patterns for aesthetic appealing homes. Colour, which has not been around for a while is also returning.

According to Jessica Ciccarelli, sales and design consultant at Myaree Ceramics, tiles are now becoming a favourite trend because it has taken a turn from imperfect to textural. There are lots of beautiful thick-glazed wall tiles with hand-cut edges. This is inspired by the zellige tiles that are used all over Morocco.

Tiles are no longer just for bathrooms; they can be used for external walls, entryways and the front porch. A tiled feature wall in the bathroom can generate a feeling of openness and accessibility. Tiles can be installed from the floor all the way to the ceiling. No matter how the stone tiles are used they will always look great.

However, plain tiles will only look amazing if they are perfectly clean without watermarks and dirt. Since there are many nice finishes and textures, there will always be a stone tile that will match your lifestyle and at the same time hide those fingerprints and stains. Coloured tiles are lively not only because they are the trend right now. Choose the colour and design you like so that you will be able to achieve a fashionable look.

On the other hand, cost must not be the main factor in the choice of tiles. Costs can vary significantly in interior stone tiles and you should be aware before making the purchase decision. Stone tiles many not be as cost effective as laminates but they are more durable, design-friendly and easy to maintain.

What Sports Can You Enjoy in a South America Tour

If you go for a South America tour and ask its locals what you can experience in this continent, they’ll say that they have a flaming passion for a competitive spirit of sports. Nowadays, the continent expresses its many historical competitions through a healthy sporting spirit. The continent can also provide amazing sceneries that are ranked as a must-see attraction in a South American vacation. Even those not engaged in sports can marvel the surroundings and the energy involvingthe sporting event.

Considered as one of the main sporting eventsin Latin America is the Brazilian Grand Prix, where it has millions of followers. You can also try other sporting options to make your South America tour complete:

The Football Confederation

If it’s your first time or have been to Latin America for several times, you’ll find its people interested in the game of soccer. This game is not only idolised by the buzzing streets of each cities but also to the remotest areas. You’ll find different soccer tournaments,such as the Copa de Libertadores, which is the most popular and most attended in Latin America. Competition can be tough between Argentina and Brazil or Chile and Peru. Checking out their stadiums will make you see jampacked areas of endless Mexican waves, flag waving fans, flaming red flairs, chants and songs.

To experience what it’s like in the finals of Copa de Libertadores, visit the tournament website for schedules. It’s a way to complete your South America tour and be a spectator of this game.

The International Surfing Association

Last 2009, many of the younger generations sported the ISA World Surfing Games in the joyful sands of Jaco Beach in Costa Rica. It was known as the largest surf show in the world where 200 surfers from around 30 countries joined the battle of the boards in a lively and beautiful beachside town of Jaco.

Costa Rica is renowned for its surfing activities on great beaches, which is a must-visit for those opting a South America tour and vacation. Make it a point to come to this important surfing event to experience a touch of adrenaline, have fun and get some tan.