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The Types Of Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent You Can Use

Mosquitoes are out as it’s summer once again. You may have noticed how few advertisements feature various insect repellents from your TV, stores and in magazines. In fact, there are so many products like a chemical free mosquito repellent competing for your attention. This will make you find out that all these are efficient in repelling mosquitoes. Below are some options readily available for your needs.

Sprays and Applicators:

  • Natural sprays: If you choose herbal sprays, they are made from essential oils that get rid of mosquitoes and other insects naturally. These are forms of a chemical free mosquito repellent using common ingredients like peppermint, eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass and cedar-wood. The sprays are suggested for young children due to its less harsh form of protection. The repellent has a strong smell and may need reapplication every hour. The natural sprays are about 40 to 80% efficient, so you need to read consumer reviews before you start using them.


  • Chemical sprays: These chemical agents are more unpleasant for the body and may leave a residue which may wipe off the labels when left held in the hand. They usually have a stronger smell, which is more effective as a product. Some of them may contain deet, which can cause skin irritation for some. However, they are widely used by many for decades.


  • Botanical Lotions: These types of lotions have been proven most effective among these applications. The efficiency rate is about 90%, with some lotions lasting up till two hours and have a lighter feel on the skin. Some may contain a small amount of deet, but there are others that are environment friendly. They just have a strong smell that are less odorous than natural or chemical sprays.


To protect you from mosquitoes, you can use chemical infused clothing available from few retailers. The material is treated with a proprietary pesticide that eradicates mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs. The smell of the repellent on the clothing will only last about 25 washes. These products are notably effective but come with a higher price tag and only protect those portions of the body near the treated material.


If you use mosquito nets, they are the only chemical free mosquito repellent that keeps mosquitoes out. They are very light and efficient in avoiding mosquitoes in confined spaces. This makes mosquito nets ideal for protecting small spaces like beds; however, they are not practical to move around outdoors.


Rooftop Solar Panels In Australia Reached More Than 31 Million Units

If there is any indication that solar power on the Gold Coast prices have declined, the total number of rooftop solar panels might be strong evidence. According to data, rooftop solar panel installations have reached more than 31 million. This number only covers the photovoltaic installations on a smaller scale.

The data, which was released by Clean Energy Regulator, recorded over 31 million up until November 30 of 2018. This is equal to a solar capacity of 7.8 MW for systems that are not greater than 100 kW. More than a month has already passed and according to the 12-month rule for accompanying systems which is used as reference by the Regulator, the current number is expected to be higher.

At more than 31 million panels, it is more than 1 for each man, woman and child living in the country because as published by Worldometers, the approximate population is 24.9 million.

If you are trying to imagine what 31 million rooftop solar panels are like, think of the average length of each panel which is about 1.6 meters. If all the 31 million modules are connected from one end to another, it would reach a distance of more than 49,600 km. That figure is longer than the length of the mainland coastline of Australia by 13,700 km.

On another perspective, stacking the panels on top of one another will result to a tower as high as 1,085 km given that the thickness of each one is 35mm. The resulting height is 490 times compared to Mount Kosciuszko. You just need to add 74 km in order to equal the road distance between Canberra and Adelaide.

Considering the weight of the solar panels, each 250W weighs between 18 and 19 kg therefore 31 million panels is equal to 558,000 tonnes. This number is as heavy as 93,000 male elephants of the African bush variety.

There are a lot of advantages since the solar power on the Gold Coast prices are starting to climb down yet there are also new challengers presented with the rising number of installations such as the question of how these panels will be disposed when they reached their end of life.


Skills Of Hairdressers In Bondi Junction

Different professions require different skills and qualifications that are essential to have in order to succeed. Being a hairdresser is one profession that requires excellent skills and qualities, the right precision and creativity, to be able to deliver a flawless hairdressing job. Being reputable hairdressers in Bondi Junction who are skilled in the field of hairstyling entails a delicate responsibility. It takes time to restore a ruined haircut or a messed-up hair colour. The following are some of the characteristics of good hairdressers in Bondi Junction that a customer needs:

  1. Interpersonal skills – a good hairdresser has the skills to relate to different kinds of people and understand their unique personalities. He or she should be able to communicate well with the customers as well as listen to them. Honesty, reliability, and enthusiasm are essential characteristics that a qualified hairdresser must also possess.
  2. Pleasing personality – a smart personality is required as well as proper personal hygiene. An excellent manual dexterity is also necessary to be able to accurately and quickly perform the job. You must also have a good sense of colour, form, and contour as well as a sense of being artistic.
  3. Willingness to learn – you must have the passion and interest to learn new things such as new hairstyles, ability to handle new equipment, and knowledge of new products.
  4. Skills in problem-solving – you should be able to handle disputes, product problems, and customer complaints in a professional manner.
  5. Tolerance and patience – you must be able to handle different types of people with respect and understanding because they are your customers.
  6. Self-confidence – you must believe in yourself and in your ability, decisive and quick to make decisions, and make a follow-through on the situation.
  7. Stamina and creativity – you must be in perfect shape because of the demands of the job that require you to work for long hours. Being creative is essential in your type of work as you deal with hairstyles.
  8. Time management – you must be able to manage your time wisely to be able to deliver the required amount of job on time.

The list of requirements goes on to excel in your chosen profession. These necessary skills are crucial for you to succeed in your job.



Winter Activities To Look Forward To In Niagara Falls State Park This 2019

Niagara Falls State Park released the upcoming winter activities they have lined up both for local and tourists. This will help families who are in the area to get rid of their cabin fever and enjoy the beauty of winter instead. While there are no services for the Niagara Falls boat ride during the cold season, there are many other things to look forward to such as The World Changed Here Pavilion by the Cave of the Winds which is opening for the second year in a row.

This will give guests the opportunity to know more about the history of the place and the every event that is organized within Niagara Falls. Their latest addition is the elevator which can be used to travel down in order to appreciate the frozen gorge’s beauty but this will greatly depend on the weather.

There is also the film showing of the Legends of Adventure by the park visitor centre inside the Niagara Adventure Theater. Not to mention the Aquarium of Niagara with many underwater species waiting to meet new people every day.

Aside from these all year round events, there are also other programs which can only be accessed within certain dates. First on the line is the Eco-Kids Series which will run from the 2nd of February until the 2nd of March. This is open for pre-school kids as well as elementary students.

There is the Winter Bird Walk which will open for one day on January 26. This is the best time to get to know the birds that are residing in the Niagara Falls when the temperature drops. The program will be spearheaded by a naturalist from the State Parks.

Dog lovers will be glad to know that there will a Dog Days of Winter on the third of February. Niagara Frontier is proud to present their Siberian Husky Club in order for visitors to meet the dogs that are known to love winter so much. If the weather is good, man’s best friend will be having a demonstration as well as a meet and greet. These are perfect alternatives to Niagara Falls boat ride which is one of the most anticipated events of visitors when available.

Why Go For A Moto Guzzi California In The UK?

If you ride cruiser motorcycles, you will notice that it’s heavy, wide and costly. You have less chance to enjoy the qualities that motorbikes can offer than in cars. You will likely see its riders with loud tailpipes. It’s when you need the Moto Guzzi California in the UK when you seek motorbikes that run safely yet smoothly on the roads.

One must note that the Moto Guzzi is one of the greatest motorbike manufacturers in the world. If you were to buy a Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK, you’ll be happy that you’re riding the flagship cruiser from the company. You’ll love to ride the bike on the highway while you make turns on winding and hairpin corners. It’s a chance to enjoy the motorbike that you don’t usually find in other vehicles.

Moto Guzzi has been in business for over 90 years now. It is noted to be the cruiser that can shake up a unique position. What makes these motorbikes great is having them made locally. Just like its counterparts, the Austrian KTM and the British Triumph, they have their factory at the Lake Como, Italy with their very own test tracks. However, they are low in production to ensure that they have a private artisanal appeal. Unlike Harleys and Hondas which are massively produced, the Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK are only few in numbers. If you own a Moto Guzzi, then itis readily made for you.

The ride on this unique motorbike makes you feel eccentric. It has a typical seating position with your hands and feet forward. Your knees have the same space as the v-twin engine. If you twist the accelerator in neutral pulls, you can drive the motorbike faster. In the United States, there are plenty to find, so if you have one in the UK, consider yourself one of a kind. Just like owning a beautiful automobile, you will love and enjoy owning one. Even a novice wants to buy a Moto Guzzi California for his ride.

Where Are The Best Dive Sites In Thailand?

You’ll find the best dive sites in Thailand if you want to go scuba diving. The country has numerous islands to enjoy the coastlines and seawater, which are the finest in the world.

If you’re out for the diving sport, you’ll find the best dive sites in Thailand on the east coast of the Andaman Sea. The most popular ones are the magnificent Similan islands. A bit further to the north is the Surin islands where you’ll also find the Richelieu Rock, a great dive site to see a lot of whale sharks. To explore the Similan and Surin islands, the best way is to hire a liveaboard or a day tour. Other great dive sites to try in Thailand are in KohLanta, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket. You’ll also observe whale sharks and manta rays while you dive in deep depths.

On the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Tao, which is also one of the best dive sites in Thailand. In the past years, it’s the place where you learn basic to professional scuba diving through its PADI open water course. Few experienced divers also come here to become Dive masters and feel confident when they explore the sea. The diving lessons here are comprehensive and are offered at cheap rates.

If you dive in the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand, you’ll encounter incredible varieties of marine life such as turtles, leopard sharks, reef shares and more. Aside from diving and meeting big fishes, it’s also a great spot for capturing underwater photographs. If you want to make memories of your dive in these spots, you should be at the Andaman Sea around the Similan islands. The scenery is magnificent, and the pictures are divine.

How to Dive Thailand?

To be inthe best dive sites in Thailand, you need to rent a liveaboard. Finding this accommodation is simple if you have searched online and find the lowest rates available. The booking system is easy, but you need to confirm if you’re really booked. Depending upon the schedule of the cruise, you’ll have to arrange how many days and nights you’ll be staying at the boat. Most of the liveaboardsare docked at Phuket and in Khao Lak. You can travel at night and dive by day.