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The Race of Ugliness During The Holiday Season

Have you ever had the chance of joining the ugly Christmas sweater craze or have seen these ridiculously ugly sweaters? Their ugliness will throw you off but in a very nice way and you can even refer to these apparels as awesome.

There are different designs available for ugly Christmas sweaters. If you are up for adventure and sports, there are team branded ugly sweaters courtesy of NBA store and other sport associations. There are those who really put in much effort in creating these sweaters while others opt to buy these sweaters online or in thrift stores. The branded ugly Christmas sweaters sold at NBA store is priced at $50 to $60 per sweater excluding the shipping fee. Kohl and Target also have a selection of these ugly sweaters for sale. Amazon also has a listing of these ugly sweaters where a search for “ugly Christmas sweater” will give you at least 5,000 results. Nordstrom capitalizes on the other hand on homemade kits and they offer Make-Your-Own ugly Christmas sweater kits. If you want, you may also rent ugly sweaters for your Halloween costume. Another formal wear rental website, Rent the Runway, offers an array of collection of vests, cardigans and sweaters which will cost $15 per four days of renting. The design features of these sweaters are names like “Meowy Christmas”. They are typically designed to be unattractive as they possibly can.

The concept of the ugly Christmas sweater used to be in line with the basic principle of every holiday season: the commercial stuffs which are involved including the sweater itself like these holiday gifts which represents cheer, mirth and togetherness. In celebration of the holiday season, offices hold ugly Christmas sweater parties featuring these gaudy sweaters. Organizations and business clubs alike put up contests for the ugliest sweater wearer. When December comes, you will start seeing people in these gaudy looking sweaters bringing up their confidence while wearing the hideous sweaters.

If you are looking to buy one and are tight with your budget, you can visit They offer very ugly sweaters with an affordable price tag.

Will Red Bull Quit Formula One By The End Of The Season?

If they fail to find a competitive engine, Red Bull will pull out of F1 at the end of this season. Both Helmut Marko, the brand’s motorsport consultant and Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz have confirmed the team will split from Renault at the end of the season due to their frustration about the engines delivered by the French manufacturer. This will end the partnership with Renault a year early.

Last Friday evening, a round of rumors linked the Volkswagen Group with a takeover of the team but Red Bull has told Sky Sport F1 that there were no truth to the rumors and the speculations are wide off the mark.

With Mercedes Benz unwilling to supply a team that is challenging their dominance and Honda’s units performing a lot worse than Renault, Ferrari is the only option that is available to the Red Bulls for a short term basis. However, Marko told Sky Sports that they have decided that if there is no competitive engine they can use, they will leave Formula 1. When Marko was asked whether he plans to switch to Ferrari, he did not go into details because what he really wants is a competitive engine because at Monza, they were 2 seconds behind. He feels that it does not make sense competing if there is no power unit.

Marko also gave a firm indication that the Red Bull’s deal with Renault will be terminated a year early. Mateschitz also told an Austrian newspaper that the separation with Renault at the end of the season is a mutual agreement because there is no longer any sense to work together.

If Red Bull is going to withdraw from Formula 1 it would put the future of the two teams in doubt unless another investor is found. It would also cast doubt on the Austrian Grand Prix that is currently being promoted by Red Bull and held at their circuit Red Bull Ring.

However, according to Volkswagen, they could buy the team to be their engine providers for 2018. Any speculations are said to be inaccurate because a deal with Volkswagen won’t be done short term. There is also a long term agreement with Audi but there is no deal yet as of now.

High Court To Decide If Bridge Is A Sport

Can be bridge be considered as a sport? Bridge has a century of history and it has been played in many prestigious tournaments. Whether it is a sport or not will be decided by Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice in London.

Sport England that promotes and finances sports competitions in the country has ruled that bridge and chess are not sports because they lack the required element of physical activity. According to Phil Smith director of Sport England, recognition of bridge as a sport will pave the way for claims from other activities like scrabble. As a result, Sports England was sued by the English Bridge Union. The High Court will decide on the potential government funding and tax benefits that are available to sports but not to games.

According to Smith, the job of Sport England it to make people fitter through physical activities and although bridge is a fantastic pursuit and provides pleasure to most people, it does not fit with their idea of making the nation fitter. Smith also suggested that an avalanche of newly recognized sports might deplete the resources of the British government that support a lot of sports activities.

In a ruling last April, Judge Nicholas Mostyn who was reported by the Press Association as a bridge player, said that there is more physical activity involved in bridge than in rifle shooting. However, the judge did not compare bridge to other sports that are more physically demanding like shuffleboard.

The late actor Omar Sharif was also known as bridge aficionado who wrote newspaper columns and books about the game. In fact, there were efforts to introduce bridge to schoolchildren so as to challenge their minds and sustain the game for the future generations.

At least one major multinational organization has officially classified bridge as a sport. The International Olympic Committee has recognized a long list of sports like Frisbee, competitive life saving and tug of war although they are not actually contested at the Games. Unfortunately, bridge did not make it to the shortlist that will be added to the 2020 Summer Olympics. It lost to sports like climbing, bowling and the martial art wushu.