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Congressman Took A Fieldtrip To Suzuki Motors Of America

Gil Cisneros is a U.S. Congressman who is the representative of the 39th Congressional District in California. He recently took a trip to the headquarters of Suzuki Motor of America Inc. which is located in Brea, California. He took a tour around the facility together with Chris Wade, the field representative, and Martin Medrano, the deputy district director. He was able to learn all about the business of Suzuki including the Suzuki motorcycles for sale and he was able to understand better of the industry it is involved in.

According to Representative Cisneros, Suzuki Motor of America Inc. is an example of company that drives the growth of a district and its socioeconomic sector. He was happy to be given the chance to meet with the leaders of the company as well as the employees who were also mostly residents of the 39th district.

The 39th district is an attractive place for companies such as Suzuki because it is situated in the highways of commerce and the workforce they have are highly skilled. While the place is a good start for the business, the employees they have will be their biggest investment. The representative also expressed his gratitude because Suzuki chose to establish its business in Brea, right at the centre of 39th district which has eventually become a major part of the economy on the local level.

For his visit, the US Congressman was able to have a one-on-one meeting with the senior executive of Suzuki to talk about related topics that are crucial to the industry of powersports. One of their discussions touched on the current issue with international trade, problems with land access as well as making sure that California will remain to be open for businesses.

The vice president of the company in charge of Motorcycle and ATV Sales and Marketing also talked to the Congressman. To be able to learn more about Suzuki motorcycles for sale and the awareness regarding this sector, the VP invited Cisneros to the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus. He also joked that he is willing to offer his services to teach the Congressman and his wife about riding motorcycle.

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