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Declining Confidence Level Of Business Leaders In Colorado

According to reports, the confidence of the leaders in business industry in Colorado has declined not just in the state level but overall as a nation. Make no wrong assumptions though because they are still looking ahead on a positive note considering that there is an increase in the Colorado business registration which is a clear sign of a growing economy. There are a number of signs though that have prompted the thought that these business minded individuals may have little bit of worries that the good days in the state is coming to a new crossroad.

According to the assistant director of the Leeds Business Research Division at the University of Colorado Boulder, Brian Lewandowski, the expectations of these leaders have been tempered as they enter the third quarter of the year. The division’s Leeds Business Confidence Index is considered to be a premium basis when looking at the economic future of the state. He added that the index showed that there are some warning signs that should not be ignored.

The executive director of the research division, Richard Wobbekind, said that the word they are looking for in these times is uncertainty.

For the more recent confidence index, the data were gathered by Lewandowski and Wobbekind along with their peers from participating leaders in the business industry of Colorado. These entrepreneurs shared what they are thinking with regards to where the economy is going. There are six topics that were given emphasis including the economy of the state, the economy of the country, the sales in the industry, the hiring rate in the industry, the profits in the industry and the expenditures in terms of the capital.

The numbers from the index showed that the confidence level on these topics are lower compared to that of the second quarter of this year except for the economy of the state. For the annual outlook, five topics have declined except for the economy of the state and the country.

Though they are confident with the state’s economy because of the rise in Colorado business registration, these business leaders showed that what they are most worried about are the industry profits and the capital expenditures.

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