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Eastwood Elementary’s Boiler Repair Covered By The District

Eastwood Elementary has been having trouble with their boiler heating system because of the leak that was noted in the middle of October. This is the reason why the school was forced to utilize the backup system they have in place which is older than their current system. They have to make do in order to make sure the students are warm inside their classrooms since the temperature is already dropping.

The boiler that is currently leaking has been in the building since 1960s while the original boiler system has been installed back in 1950s. This information was revealed by Roseburg Public Schools’ physical plant manager, Tracy Grauf.

During the meeting organized by the Building and Sites Committee, the members have come to a decision to cover the leak rather than start the process of getting the school a new boiler system. All over the district, the most common issues raised by schools is that their boilers are leaking. All of the schools in the area are still using the same boilers that have been installed between 1950s and 1960s at the same year that the schools were constructed. The boilers have already reached their average lifespan of 40 years therefore the committee is already planning to ask for a grant funding in order to replace all of the district school’s faulty boilers.

Grauf said that the boilers are made of steel therefore they will eventually rust. Add the cuts around the system because of the steam pressure which is not surprising to know that the seals are already damaged therefore causing the leak. Roseburg High School’s boiler, according to Grauf, is also leaking.

Steve Patterson, the chairman of the committee, said that every school in the district has an old system. There are staffs hired to conduct maintenance check in order to make sure the electronics are working fine and that the systems are working optimally.

Grauf said that for Eastwood’s boiler, the repair may cost between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. Homeowners are advised to click here now in order to schedule their own preventive maintenance since the cold months are already upon us.

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