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Eight Points To Remember While Shopping For Children’s Footwear

Shoes play a vital role in providing proper support to the feet and ankles. They also help to maintain proper posture while walking and running. It is very important to buy well- fitting shoes for children to protect them from sudden slips and to help them achieve proper posture. Whether shopping for back-to-school shoes or casual wear shoes for your child, there are many factors that should be considered before making the final selection.

Here are some of the useful tips provided by certified children’s podiatrist in Sydney, to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your children.

  1. It is important to keep in mind that the size and shape of children’s feet change according to their age. Most of the well-known children’s podiatrist in Sydney, suggest to get the feet size measured regularly and buy suitable foot wear. It is advisable to measure the foot size, every few months.
  2. Popular children’s podiatrist in Sydney, advice parents to watch out for signs of irritation on the child’s feet. Ill-fitting shoes often aggravate the feet and are uncomfortable to walk.
  3. Refrain from sharing or exchanging footwear of other children. A pair that fits one child may not fit the other. Sharing or handing down footwear also results in the spread of fungal infections like athletes foot.
  4. It is essential to examine the heels of the shoes regularly. Consult a children’s podiatrist in Sydney, if you notice any uneven heel wear in the shoes used by your children.
  5. Reputed podiatrists advise parents to take their children while going for shoe shopping. Every pair of shoes fits differently and it is advisable to let your children try on the shoes and select a pair, they are comfortable to walk-in. The shoe must fit perfectly and provide good support to the feet.
  6. According to children’s podiatrists, it is always better to buy the size that fits the larger foot. The size of both the feet is not always the same.
  7. Experienced children’s podiatrist in Sydney, advise parents to buy shoes that are comfortable in the first use. They should not require a break-in period. Encourage your children to try the shoes along with socks, if they wear socks regularly with shoes.

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