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Four Important Questions To Ask A Tutor

Science is an important subject for children. It helps the children to learn about the surroundings and explore the world around them. Unfortunately, many children do not like to study science and often lag behind their peers in class performance.

Parents are always searching for ways and means to get their children interested in science. They hire professional science tuition classes, to guide their children and provide them with extra coaching. However, it is very important to hire a qualified and experienced science teacher to motivate the children to explore the different concepts through practice and experimentation.

Parents are always confused about choosing the right tutor for science and maths subjects. They are always worried about the quality of teaching and its effect on children. Here are some important questions to ask your science tuition teacher before you hire them.


The educational qualifications of a tutor are very important factor that influence their teaching style and methodology. Ask the tutor, what they studied and from which university or college. The tutor should have cleared the tutor training examination. This certification will help you to ensure that the tutor is well versed with the different methods of teaching and can guide the child efficiently.


The tutor should have good experience in tutoring kids similar to the age of your children. Tutors of certain subjects like science and maths should have ample experience in teaching the syllabus and standard, your kid’s studies. Teacher with good experience can easily evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a students and devise strategies to help the student to overcome the weakness.


Ask the tutor to provide testimonials from past students and their parents. A genuine tutor will be willing to provide contact details of previous students. Call or meet these parents and ask them about their experience with the tutor. Ask them about the effectiveness of teaching and how the tutor helped their children overcome their weaknesses and score well.

Tracking progress

Before you hire a science tuition teacher, ask the tutor, what are the different methods in which he/she will evaluate the child’s progress? The tutor should be willing to give homework, worksheets, and conduct mock tests to evaluate the progress of the student. The tutor should be open to providing regular feedback to the parents and involve them in the development process of the child.

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