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From NFL Player To Chef And Then Restaurateur

Professional dieticians work alongside wedding caterers in Sydney in preparing nutritious food for athletes who will be competing in either world events or national games. Caterers not only prepare foods for wedding guests; they provide adequate nutrition to athletes. Proper foods must be available in dining halls where the athletes actually train. It is challenging for caterers to provide food to athletes who have different preferences and special dietary requirements.

Tobias Dorzon is a former NFL player. During his younger years, Dorzon had a passion for football that is why he entered NFL as a free agent in 2010. He spent stints with Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers until he was picked by Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Canada. However, he missed his family and was no longer enjoying football. The passion has turned to dislike because of homesickness.

Dorzon decided on a career change. One night, while he was scrolling through Instagram, he noticed Santana Moss, a former Washington Redskins wide receiver with photos of food on his profile. Dorzon commented that Moss should try him out.

Dorzon drove to Moss’ home and made roast chicken, broccolini and sweet potatoes which the family enjoyed, Moss floated the idea of hiring Dorzon as his personal chef. Within a week, Moss told the other Redskins players Trent Williams, DeSean Jackson, Chris Baker and Kirk Cousin that he has hired Dorzon. Word spread about Dorzon’s new private chef company and his business boomed.

Last August, Dorzon went into partnership with Cleveland Browns, Tyrod Taylor and took the business on wheels. Dorzon also teamed up with Russell Webster of the music industry to bring Union Oyster Bar & Lounge to life.

Dorzon’s dreams are big; he wants to be in the cover of Food & Wine.  He was not afraid to chase the things that he wants to accomplish.

Because it is a professional company, wedding caterers in Sydney specialize in different events aside from weddings. They pay attention to the smallest details to ensure that an event proceeds smoothly and will exceed all expectations. Events are not only about food and beverage; it also includes exceptional service from expert staff.

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