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Great Improvements Noticed With Arsenals’ Pest Control Solutions

Sports stadiums host crowds of people who bring with them all kinds of foods and drinks while they watch games. It is not surprising to find rodents scurrying on the stadium floors because there are many available sources of food. The best option to eradicate rodents is through rat control in Brisbane with their long lasting solutions.

According to the Daily Mail, the Emirates is one of the two Premier League grounds that did not receive a 5-star hygiene rating. The Emirates Stadium is the fourth largest football stadium in England and home to the Arsenals.

In 2016, it was revealed that the Arsenal’s home was dealing with rodent problem because of the extensive evidence of pests’ activities. It seems that the problem was not solved successfully because mouse droppings were found recently in different areas.

Staffs of the Emirates Stadium were sent for extra training on pest control after Sports mail revealed mice infestation at the stadium. Pest-proofing measures have also been undertaken at the 60,000-capacity stadium with experts sharing their knowledge in the attempt to tackle the ongoing pest issue.

The efforts of the Emirates were praised by authorities from the local sector because of the great improvements made in pest control. An external company was also brought in by the Arsenal to audit the effectiveness of the solutions made.

Based on the latest reports, doors fail to close properly in the central processing area which is an important area for proofing. Inspectors advised the caterers to install food-pedal bins in the kitchen because chefs must not use their hands to lift the existing bin flaps. This reduces the efficiency of frequent hand washing and when the lids are left open, they encourage pests.

Tickets at the Emirates are the most expensive in the Premier League and it is important for the stadium to take hygiene matters more seriously.

Pest problems are certainly common in buildings that are visited by many people. One of the solutions to maintain hygienic conditions is to hire rat control in Brisbane to carry out eco-friendly rodent control and pest management solutions. Rats pose a significant risk to public health and safety because they can contaminate food.

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