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Hang Dong Stadium Upgraded For The SEA Games 2021

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is the most visited place in Vietnam. International visitors can look forward to many landmarks as well as 5 star hotel in Saigon, international hotel chains, resorts and budget hostels. Saigon is also the centre of Vietnam economy with various industries ranging from tourism to finance and trade. In 2021, Vietnam will be the venue of the SEA Games; a multi-sport event participated in by countries in Southeast Asia.

The Hang Dong Stadium will be upgraded into an international sports stadium in preparation for the SEA Games in 2021. According to the capital city authorities, Hang Dong needs to be upgraded because its condition has deteriorated in the past years.

The new sports complex is expected to cost VND6.3 trillion ($270.4 million). Funds for the upgrade will come from T&T Group and French firm Bouygues Construction that has managed the stadium for the past 50 years. The current area of the stadium is 22,000 square meters which will be increased to 32,000 square meters for the new stadium.

The capacity of the new sports stadium will be 20,000 seats with several additional facilities like cinemas, event centres, basement parking and convenience stores. The Hang Dong Stadium is the 2nd international sports complex in Vietnam after the My Dinh Stadium located in Nam TuLiem District.

A total of 16,000 people are expected to participate in the SEA Games with 11,000 of them athletes. This is the 2nd time that Vietnam will host the sporting event since 2003. The Hang Dong Stadium was first established as a multi-purpose facility by Hanoi’s School of Physical Education in 1934. The stadium was expanded in 1958. In 2017, the stadium was placed under the management of T&T Group that is involved in the finance, real estate and agricultural sectors.

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