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How Do NFL Players Keep Warm During Winter Football Games?

Have you ever wondered how stadiums manage to keep teams and supporters warm and comfortable during a winter’s wrath? Modern NFL has a set of tricks up its sleeve to make sure that players are warm during an extremely frigid football match day. Three million BTU boilers are installed underneath the stadium bleachers to pump heat through 4-inch pipes to prevent the field from becoming frozen.

Aside from the boilers, heating at Arrowfield Stadium is provided by a $2.2 million under-field heating unit. These heating systems remain invisible to the TV audience. A polar vortex that could send the mercury to single digits or negative degrees Fahrenheit cannot stop a conference championship game.

Green Bay’s Lambeau Field has gained a frozen reputation but it was actually the first in the NFL to install a hydronic heating system. Six inches to a foot pipes were buried under the turf and filled with warmth so that the soil and roots will not freeze. Arrowhead is one of the stadiums that followed Lambeau Field’s example.

According to Lambeau Field’s groundskeeper Allen Johnson, he learned from years of trials and errors that the system must be kept to 38 degrees which is just above freezing but cold enough to allow the grass to harden off and get tougher. The main goal is ensure that it is thawed out. At Baltimore Ravens, the crew warms to soil to nearly 50 degrees while in Philadelphia, they try to push for 60 degrees. The fields must not be frozen so that the playing surface is soft and safe.

Another popular heating product that gives backsides a boost is the heated bench of NFL. The heated bench makes use of hollowed fiberglass and propane or natural gas-powered blowers running at 170,000 BTU to make sure that the posteriors of players are comfortably warm.

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