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How Important Are Cheap CD Keys?

Aside from Steam, many products like cheap CD keys are offered by retailers both online and offline. If such products are intended for Steam registration, it will include a Steam CD key.

So, let’s try to know what a CD key is and how to find one?

If you buy cheap CD keys, you’ll get a printed combination of numbers and letters in discs, stickers, or cards included in the game’s packaging. For online purchases where no packages are shipped, the CD key is included in the email for your purchase receipt.

Which CD Keys are accepted by Steam?

If a digital or retail game is supposed to be registered through Steam, the email or retail packaging will include a CD key as specified. If there isn’t anything intended for registration on Steam, then you’ll get an invalid key error if you try to register. Once the game key has been already registered, it will display a duplicate key error.

What is a CD Key used for after registration?

Once the cheap CD Keys are registered to the Steam account, it will act as a proof of purchase for the game and ownership to the Steam account. A steam support team may inquire if you have established ownership to an account. Also remember that the digital keys are not included in the game’s physical packaging; therefore, it’s not a proof of account ownership. So, keep your CD keys safe just when asked to secure your account.

Why receive “Invalid CD Key” error when attempting to register?

Ensure that the key is intended for Steam registration to be recognised. Should the digital or retail game be registered through Steam, the packaging or the email will mention where the key was delivered.

If the product is really for Steam registration, you need to review the combinations to ensure the letters and numbers are entered accurately. Should there be further errors on the cheap CD Keys, you need to contact the retailer for help.

Why receive a duplicate product code error after registering the key?

An error will prove that the CD keys have been registered to a Steam account, so it will not register again.

If you want to retrieve your lost Steam account, feel free to contact the Steam Help site for assistance. If the problem persists, contact the retailer to obtain a new copy of the game.

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