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IKEA Designs Ergonomic Chair For Gamers And E-Sports Enthusiasts

The process of purchasing office furniture usually starts from the creation of a 3D rendition of the office to gain an idea on various possibilities that will maximize office space. The 3D rendition will also help when arranging the furniture to enhance functionality and mobility while maintaining visual aesthetics.

Meanwhile, IKEA is developing a new ergonomic chair for the world’s most extreme sitters who play video games for long periods of time. IKEA design lead Marcus Engman displayed a prototype of a chair that will relieve back aches and cramps for gamers that spend more than 20 hours sitting before a screen.

The furniture giant from Sweden revealed that it has collaborated with San Francisco-based prosthetics firm UNYQ in the development of the “Ubik” chair. The most comfortable and affordable seating solution for gamers was developed using 3D printing and body scanning technology used for medical wearables. According to Engman, the key to the gamers’ chair is personalization.

Customers who want to purchase the Ubik chair at IKEA stores need to have their bodies scanned. 3D printed inserts that will use the customer’s biometric data as basis will arrive on the mail within 2 weeks. The lattice inserts will be slid on a seat and prop sitters in an ideal position. Sedentary office workers that require ergonomic seating solutions can have their buttocks scanned at IKEA stores.

Gamers are like athletes. They use their minds and bodies to compete. Bringing personalization for the gamers’ unique ergonomic needs, body types and modes of play will provide them a competitive advantage and a healthier body. Aside from gamers and e-sport enthusiasts, Engman is also considering mass customization which is a growing trend in many industries. However, this is a completely different outlook that requires further product development and design in the near future.

A modern but budget friendly office can be easily created through office furniture that is offered at surprisingly affordable prices. There are many creative ways to arrange furniture to maximize the space available. Productivity, efficiency and visual aesthetics can be enhanced with appropriate furniture. If you have special preferences and requirements, you can have the office furniture customized.

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