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List Of Different Restaurants In Yangon

Traveling includes experiencing different kinds of delicious cuisines which you have not tasted in your own place. Among the best destinations to visit is Yangon which is in Asia and the largest city in Myanmar. It has stunning lakes, green tropical trees, and shady parks.

Aside from its rich natural resources, visitors will also enjoy a wide selection of restaurants in Yangon that offer a variety of tasty dishes. These restaurants have their own specialty food and different stories to tell about their existence.

  1. ShweSaBwe – it offers fine-dining to its customers and is also a catering school for excellent dining training for students. Graduates can immediately find a job at the different best restaurants and hotel in the city. You have a choice of set meals between two and three courses.
  2. Rangoon Tea House – it is designed with great style and is popular among rich locals as well as expats and travellers. It offers conventional Burmese cuisine, curries, biryanis, and locally enthused cocktails.
  3. Feel Myanmar Food – this restaurant is already an institution in Myanmar. It is an ideal place to begin your search for the best Burmese cuisine which is all freshly made.
  4. Gekko – it is a stylish and popular lounge bar and restaurant located at the historic and famous Sofaer building. It serves the famous and tasty Korean and Japanese cuisines.
  5. Lucky Seven – this is a chain of standard and classy teashops. This restaurant is more than a place to stop for a cup of tea. Its tables on the street side are bordered by ornamental pond and greenery which makes you feel the nature in the environment.
  6. Pansuriya – this is a modern and upmarket restaurant serving traditional curries and special salads. You must try the tamarind-leaf salad which is one of its best.
  7. Green Gallery – this is the trendiest Thai restaurant in the place. It serves super fresh foods including curries, salads, and soups. All are generously portioned and authentically spicy.

There are still many modern restaurants in Yangon that all serve delectable food with great ambiance. You can make an itinerary to visit each restaurant during your holiday vacation in the city.

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