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Logistics Industry In Need Of Additional Skilled Engineers

The latest 2019 Logistics Report has been published by the Freight Transport Association and the future is looking uncertain. Based on the report, over half of the skilled positions in the logistics industry are vacant. This is because of the shortage in the number of staffs that are needed to perform crucial tasks such as repair on workshops as well as conduct inspection on vehicle units. Skilled technicians are also needed for medical device installation while many logistics companies are still hiring vehicle mechanics.

There is also a need for fitters among logistics firms and this is one of the jobs that might not be easily filled in the coming years. The report revealed that the shortage of employees have already reached a point where it can be considered as an industry crisis.

The FTA has already promised to talk about this issue during one of the most awaited events in the industry called Fleet Engineer Conference. For this year, the event is taking place at the National Agriculture and Exhibition Centre or NAEC which is located in Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. The event will be sponsored by the Schmitz Cargobull along with Continental Tyres.

According to FTA’s head of automotive, Lawrie Alford, one of the major reasons why the logistics industry in the United Kingdom is efficient is because of the staff working behind the scene – the fitters, vehicle mechanics and the technicians. The problem is that the number of professionals with these skills is already going down at an alarming rate.

As supported by the recent report from the FTA, more than 50 per cent of the job vacancies might remain vacant because there is not enough skilled workers to fill in the roles. As of the writing, there are 30,000 technicians working in the industry who are responsible for handling around six million vehicles. Time will come when services such as medical device installation might need more skilled technician and this is why the newer generations are encouraged to take up technician apprenticeships. The goal now is to promote the career as well as to make sure that the industry will never run out of skilled talents.

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