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Malcolm Speed Calling On Mark Taylor To Replace CA Chair David Peever

The current controversy surrounding Cricket Australia has put its corporate culture under heavy scrutiny from experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis, as well as sports enthusiasts across the world.

Now, Malcolm Speed, former CEO of Cricket Australia has called for resignation of current Chair, David Peever, and his replacement by Mark Taylor, a former captain, calling recent revelations as a sign that ‘dyed-in-the-wool cricket people’ need to take back control of the sport from an increasingly corporatized leadership.

Speed, who is currently the Executive Director of Major Professional and Participation Sports, decried Peever’s handling of the release of the cultural review into CA following the ball-tampering scandal in Newlands, Cape Town, particular Peever referring to the incident in question as a mere ‘hiccup’ for the sport.

Speed also indicated that leaders with a background in cricket would be willing to join the CA Board should Taylor take over, who has already served as director twice in the past, since 2004, but has never really taken the post of Chair. Also a Former ICC CEO, Speed says that he’s been friends with all of the recent chairmen of Australian Cricket, and the crisis is indicative of the problem; as Peever is the first Chair to be from a corporate background, not a cricket-based one.

He says that Peever discussed the tragedy, something Speed himself would consider as orchestrated cheating; something against the very laws of the game, as a mere hiccup. Speed says it’s much more than that, and Peever’s mindset proves to him that the game can choose a better chairman, that it deserves better leadership than what it currently has now.

Taylor, who supported Peever’s re-election as CA Chairman for an additional 3 years, was present at the release of the cultural reviews in Melbourne, which was conducted by Dr. Simon Longstaff of the Ethics Centre alongside former Test opening batsman Rick McCosker.

Speed points to Taylor as the proper successor, saying that he’s been on the board for a while now, and that he, someone who’s lived and breathe the sport, and knows it well, is the best choice for the next Chair.

The former CEO says that the corporatization of the board, a result of a governance review from approximately eight years ago, was brought along with some much-needed diversity; some change like what people like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis would recommend. But the sport needs people who are from the sport now, and that’s why he’s calling on ‘dyed-in-the-wool cricket’ people to take the stand.

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