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Motorcycle Technology For Functional Safety

The shortage of available parking in many big cities has encouraged people to buy motorcycles. In the UK, there are dealers offering Vespa for sale for those who prefer Italian brands. People can take a pick from the road bike range to demonstrator bikes, whichever they feel more comfortable with. Meanwhile, the focus of the motorcycle industry today is inter-vehicle connectivity to make roads safer for commuters.

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) which was formed 3 years ago by BMW, Yamaha and Honda is conducting tests on how connectivity and networked communications can be the most essential part of the next generation “smart” motorcycles that are safe and environmentally friendly.

The current focus of CMC is Motorcycle Approach Warning which is a system that will enhance safety through communication. How does it work? When a motorcycle is driven on the main road, a driver coming from the side street won’t see him. If the car driver continues to drive off, a collision can occur. If there is connectivity, the car driver and the motorcycle driver can receive advance warning. Aside from the warning, information about road conditions, traffic jams, etc will be provided.

The goal of CMC is to establish a common standard for connectivity systems so that motorcycles produced by different manufacturers can communicate with other vehicles. To ensure a safety relevant function, vehicles must be able to communicate directly with each other. This is possible through technology that will run on 5.9 GHz band.

The technology used is similar to walkie-talkies and exchange standardized messages. Within 3 to 5 years, the technology can be adapted for motorcycle usage. However, there are factors that may delay the adoption of technology like some standards in the motorcycle industry. Developments can only being when the parameters like data security have been made clear.

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