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Running In Costumes At Fun Runs And Marathons

Costumes have been a part of the Fairbanks Midnight Sun Run for a long time now.

This year, in the starting line, there was Smokey the Bear, Paul Bunyan, some pirates and running bananas. There were also superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and so on. As this is also election year, campaign slogans from Donald Trump were made as pun. A group wore blue, red and white clothing with aprons and cheese graters. Their sign read as “Make America Grate Again”.

One of the intricate costumes was the Nightmare Before Christmas sisters. One was dressed as Jack Skellington with a plaster skull mask, and the other sister was dressed as Sally. They spent weeks creating their costumes. It was also their costumes which were popular among others with the onlookers.

Costumes have been part of other sporting events too but the most common are in running events. These are not only in marathons but also in fun runs where people run either individually or in groups. They all dress up in costumes to win some prizes. For some, it is for them to showcase their own uniquely designed costumes.

Even in the Guinness Book of World Records, there are certain records related to running in costumes. The most common are superheroes from TV Store Online Costumes as inspiration. There is a world record for the fastest marathon dressed as a superhero for females and males. The fastest female time is 2hr 48m 51s by Camille Herron of the US in 2012 when she was dressed as Spiderman. The fastest male time is 2hr 27m 43s by Matt Gunby of the UK last April 2016 when he was dressed as Wonder Woman. Another record is the fastest marathon in a 3 person costume. The record time is 4h 56m 24s, and it was achieved by Heather Smith, Laura Jones and Andy Church (all from UK) in 2015. They were dressed as Woody, Buzz and Jessie from Toy Story.

These are just some examples of the many creative ways costumes are incorporated into sports. With Halloween and New Year’s just around the corner, there are likely more races with costumed runners during this period.

All About The Colourful History Of Ribbons

Probably one of the most common items today is the ribbon. Ribbons come in all sorts of designs and colours and are used for all sorts of purposes. Ribbons are often used as ornamentation and for decorative purposes. For long periods of time, ribbons are used to give honour and recognition to the people who have done something significant such as scientists, artists and even athletes, people who have done something worth recognizing in the field of sports, science & technology, humanitarianism, arts, medicine and more. They are used in decorating all sorts of items for various events such as birthdays, weddings and even funerals.

Unfortunately, while they may be common items in the modern world, most people don’t actually know anything about the history of ribbons and how people first started using them.

Ribbons have been around ever since man discovered the art of crafting fabrics and are one of the oldest decorative materials in the world. It is no secret that people are always looking for ways on how they could enhance their appearance and ribbons in their own way could help even the simplest and plainest of textile colours become more elegant. In fact, in the Middle Ages, street peddlers would even travel around Europe selling exotic ribbons.

During the Medieval and Renaissance periods would buy ribbons woven with gold and silver all the way from the Orient. During these times, ribbons have become so intertwined with luxury that the English Parliament had even tried to make the wearing of ribbons exclusive to nobility in the 16th century.

The 17th century was all about ribbons with them taking over the fashion scene. Both men and women’s clothing heavily featured extravagant ribbons. Ribbons have been used for clothing and as hair ornaments and even for furniture. There was a boom in the ribbon industry which had stemmed forth the silk trade. In fact, this growth in the ribbon industry had played a significant role in sparking the Industrial Revolution when the Dutch engine loom was created wherein it can produce six types of ribbons all at once.

Ribbons would dominate this period leading up to the Victorian Era. Ribbons are prominent in Europe and in Asia.

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Gift Ideas To Make Your Valentine’s Day Healthier

CA – February 23, 2016 – There are only a few days left until Valentine’s Day and have you decided what you plan to do with your special someone during this special day? During Valentine’s Day, there is often an overflow of everything from flowers, kisses, gifts and food. If you are trying to live a healthy life, then chocolates and decadent meals are definitely not for you this Valentine’s especially if you and your partner are trying to lose weight.

Of course, flowers, jewelries and candles are good alternatives to this, however, there are also a lot of ways you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day together without straying from your healthy lifestyle. Here are some great gift ideas for you and your loved one that can make your Valentine’s Day healthier.

  • If you and your lover have been training and sweating hard at the gym to stay fit almost every day, the best gift that you can give not only for your other half but to yourself as well is none other than a massage. If you want to make it more romantic for the two of you, there are many spas that offer couples massages. You also have the option of having the massage at home.
  • Cooking Class. Since you two are big on healthy living, then why not celebrate Valentine’s inside a cooking class for two? Take the time with your loved one to learn how to cook healthier meals that you haven’t tried before.
  • Manicure or Pedicure. For men, your special lady would probably want to spend a day sometime later pampering at a local spa. It would make your lady happy if you invest in a gift certificate for a manicure or a pedicure. In fact, you can even join your other half too.
  • Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to acknowledge the hard work your special someone is putting whether he or she is trying hard to slim down, live a healthier lifestyle, quite smoking or drinking. Appreciate his or her efforts by acknowledging them in the sweetest way possible: via letter.
  • Just because you are trying to slim down and live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in chocolates anymore. You can buy or even make calorie-free healthy chocolates and if you are planning to share them with your loved one, make sure to place them in a black gift box suited for chocolates.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips To Guarantee Success This Holiday Season

For numerous online retailers all around the world, the holiday season is your last hurrah for the year. Sometimes, the holiday season can turn a bad fiscal year into a good one. There are also times where the holiday season becomes the difference between a normal fiscal year into going out with a bang.

So this holiday season, if you truly want to end the year with fireworks and champagne, you should know that effective marketing is the key to success. Remember, through marketing, you’ll be able to deliver your product to a wide audience and during Christmas and the holiday season, marketing is even more important because it is the busiest season of the year. In the US alone, the ecommerce industry is estimated to reach $900 billion from November to December. That’s how big the holiday season is.

So if you need help marketing your business this holiday season, here are some tips that might be of use to you.

  1. Tell the online world you exist!

Yes, this may seem like an obvious task but you should know that a lot of websites online have failed to do this. For online stores, it is always important that your target audience knows that you are there ready to serve them. You may have the best functioning website, you may have the best products to sell, but if people don’t actually know that you exist, then it will be all for naught.

You can use numerous internet marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine marketing and email marketing. Also, it is important that your online store is easily accessed by mobile users as well because they are quickly becoming a major force in the ecommerce industry.

  1. Always be ready for your best season.

Remember, websites like, who do their best to outperform their competitors will most likely achieve success and for this reason, it is always good to be ready when you finally get that success you long desired. By being ready for your best season, you’ll also ready yourself for the competition at hand. It is always about preparation and being prepared for battle.

Wholesale Inventories In US Weaken

The wholesale inventories in the United States significantly fell in the month of October as businesses stepped up their efforts in order to efficiently reduce the loads of stockpile of merchandises which are unsold. This turn of events suggests that inventories would once be again a drag on the growth during the last quarter of the year. The Commerce Department released a statement saying that wholesale inventories slipped by .1 percent as the stocks both goods which are durable and non-durable fell. The inventories increased a revised .2 percent in the month of September. The economists polled by Reuters made a forecast that the inventories in the wholesale sector will be ticking up by .1 percent in the month of October which had a previously reported .5 percent increase in the month prior to it.

The level of inventories is an important component in the changes in the gross domestic product. The component of wholesale inventories takes part in the calculation of the GDP also dipped by .1 percent. The wholesale inventories did not include automobiles. There was a record back-to-back increase in the level of inventories during the first two quarters this year which left warehouses bulging with merchandises which were unsold and made businesses with little incentive to restock. The level of inventories accumulated subtracted .56 percentage points in the GDP growth during the third quarter. The event restricted the GDP growth to an annual rate of about 2.1 percent. The overall drop in the wholesale inventories in the month of October will prompt the economists to trim their fourth-quarter estimates of growth which is currently at around 2 percent.

Data gathered showed that manufacturing inventories fell for a record four straight months during the month of October. The retail inventory data released recently will shed more light on the vastness of the anticipated drag of the inventory levels in the final quarter this year. The sales of wholesalers remain unchanged in October after it increased by .5 percent in the month of September. The sales have been soft since the month of August. Even inventories of Paper Mart boxes are also affected in this turn of events in the sector.

Shadrack Declared As Champion Of Lobatse Mountain Bike Challenge

In the recently concluded 60 kilometer Lobatse mountain bike challenge, Shadrack Motswiri took home the championship. He was able to come out victorious amidst a sea of renowned cyclists as challengers such as Graham Broomhead. Shadrack was able to finish the challenge within 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

It was quite a tight race for the contenders and the 30 year old champion coming from Gaborone Garage. He admitted the hard work he needed to accomplish in order to finish the mountainous terrains and come out on top of Broomhead and Michael Knott who placed second and third in the competition. While Broomhead was able to do it within 3 minutes and 13 seconds, Knott came very close at 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

The 60 kilometer challenge was not an easy one for many of the strong contenders were not able to finish the race due to various circumstances including mechanical failures and over fatigue. The Lobatse mountain bike challenge has other categories such as the 40 kilometer race. For this category, Molokwane Rankgwathi was first to finish while Mokgwe Lebonetse and Mogomotsi Setlhare came as second and third respectively.

There was also a 20 kilometer category for the men which Joshua Bezuidenhout took home the victory along with the second and third placers, Cecil Botha and Barwise Theo. The junior female category, on the other hand, was won by Janine Dutoil while her rivals Mpho Molokwane, second place, and Alta Malherbe, third place, followed suit.

For the women’s open category in the 20 kilometer challenge, the first prize was snatched by Zaheera Essof, second place by Mmabaledi Mosweu and third place by Cariana Herbst. The last category in the mountain bike challenge was the 5 kilometer which includes both junior boys and girls. Lily Malherbe, an 11-year-old, came out to be the best cyclist among her peers in the category.

Among the prizes took home by Shadrack is a new cycling jacket, trophy, medal, certificate and a cash prize. The event was sponsored by Lobatse Town Council as well as Spin city and many other sponsors.