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When Football Becomes Embroiled Into A Political Controversy

Many people are passionate about sports. You will find them busy reading through the latest statistics of their favorite NBA or NFL teams. Others have in their possession a canvas art print of their beloved surfer catching the waves. The favorite photographs of your sports idols while on action can be transformed into high quality canvas prints that you can admire on the walls of the home.

Recently, NFL players became the subject of controversy when they took the knee while the US national anthem was playing. At least 70% of NFL players are black; however, their fans are 80% white and 63% male. It seems that some players want to play and be paid and yet be able to voice out their opinions on certain topics.

The league wants its team owners to be happy but it also wants to make sure that players are given the platform to voice out their concerns. The most obvious solution is a discussion but the issue is difficult to resolve. According to NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, owners and players discussed during a two-day meeting that the league will work with players on the issues that affect their communities.

The league’s handbook will not be changed. The policy that players should stand during the national anthem is not a rule. Players are encouraged to stand but there is no clear answer whether the player will be disciplined by the owners if he takes the knee.

Sport has always been a site for expression of tensions in society. For example, if a black player is subjected to a form of discipline, it sends the message of disciplining all black bodies all over the country. However, there are people who believe that fans are not interested on the political opinions of players.  The implications go beyond football and people can expect more tweets.

The photograph of your favorite player can be happily transformed into canvas art print with the assurance that the image will look great. There is also the option of split canvas prints wherein the total size will remain the same but will consist of smaller prints to look its absolute best.

Victoria Beckham’s Engagement Rings And David Beckham’s Shoes

The engagement ring is the harbinger of a message that “You are mine forever.” It can be the most extravagant expense that a man can make to propose a marriage. For those who are shopping for an engagement ring, there are platinum engagement rings that can be customized according to the taste of your fiancée.

It is not surprising to know that Victoria Beckham has 13 engagement rings considering her extravagant lifestyle. David Beckham has gifted his wife with 13 different engagement rings during the course of their 20-year marriage. A 3-carat marquise-cut diamond in yellow gold band worth $85,000 was used by David Beckham to propose to Victoria in 1998. Since then, David Beckham has consistently gifted Victoria with diamond rings.

David Beckham is always big news to soccer fans. On Instagram last Sunday, David Beckham posted a teaser that “Big things are coming Monday” however, it was not the announcement that South Florida soccer fans were waiting for. According to MLS spokesman Dan Courtemanche and Miami Beckham United spokesperson Tadd Schwartz, there is no news yet regarding the proposed Miami Major League Soccer team.

It turned out that the big announcement is the Adidas launch of Predator DB Accelerator soccer cleat which is a remake of the 1998 leather shoe that Beckham wore when he was bending free kicks during the height of his career. Last Sunday, a Twitter post by Adidas football showed an image of Beckham with the shoes and a caption that says “The boot of a generation. Remastered by David Beckham. Unveiled tomorrow #Limited Collection.”

Meanwhile, David Beckham’s quest to bring MLS to Miami was not announced last Monday. The$9 million land deal has been approved and the lawsuit has been thrown out. After due diligence is done, Beckham and majority owner Todd Boehly will be holding a press conference.

Back to engagement rings, it can be daunting to choose one for the future bride because of the innumerable choices available. It can be challenging to pick the right one between the gold and platinum engagement rings because they are both excellent choices. However, with proper knowledge of your future bride’s preferences, you will not be overwhelmed.

Plaster Sculptures From A Master Plasterer

One of the most famous master plasterers in Ireland, Paul Griffin, is releasing his own line of plaster sculptures. These are in the form of a wall art that is perfect for today’s modern homes. He is responsible for handcrafting the designs of the plaster sculptures. The plaster products are also known as Stuccoettes and anyone can buy as they ship anywhere in the world. This type of art is rarely seen from commercial plasterers in Sydney as they are more focused on developing interior and exterior of commercial establishments.

This is not the first time that Paul has created plaster pieces as he had received a number of customized orders before. Due to the demand, he decided to create his own designs and transform it into plastic sculptures which are also known as stuccoettes. These art works can be hanged on the wall. The interesting fact about these 3D sculptures is that they seem to move on their own depending on the light casted and the shadows they create. Interested buyers can see an actual video of the stuccoettes on Paul’s website.

Paul Griffin is also known as the person behind Griffin Plastering, a prominent name in Ireland when it comes to plastering. They provide services in both decorative and lime plastering. He has been in the industry for two decades because his father and uncle who raised him by working as a master plasterers. His company is known for various prestigious plastering projects that is now embedded in history such as Shelbourne Hotel, National Art Gallery and Trinity College Dublin.

Paul was also a graduate of different courses like mould making course complete in Italy and a sculpturing course he took up at NCAD located in Ireland. Paul said that his plaster sculpture products can now be pre-ordered through the crowd funding website INDIEGOGO. They are able to ship anywhere in the world and they are open to partnerships with individuals, interior designers as well as architects. Each stuccoette made by Paul is unique and the perfect wall accessory. Establishments with smooth walls done by commercial plasterers in Sydney could enhance their interior with one of these plastic sculpture.

Is There A Lack Of Burial Space Plaguing Cities In Australia?

Most people don’t yet know their final resting places. This is due to a lack of conversation about topics like these, because of its challenge to social etiquettes. However, many people know the options that a funeral director in Perth might give them. They might choose the conventional burial in an overly adorned casket made from imported wood, or they might choose biodegradable urns in which to store their ashes, so that they might nourish a new tree with the nutrients of their departed bodies. If they choose the first option, they might face some difficulty.

It is a well-known fact that the number of deaths over the last few years has decreased, but this trend will not be following for the years to come. It is purported that death tolls will double in the years from 2011 to 2051, and during this time, finding a burial spot might actually be an expensive ordeal. That is correct, real estate process are not only shooting up for the living, they are shooting up for the dead too. Although most of this doesn’t apply to Australia’s general population (cremation rates have been on the rise for a while now), it definitely will affect those asking a funeral director in Perth for some space in a burial yard and a nice tombstone to go with it.

Now the question of where to place the dead arises. The solution is obviously to stop burying people altogether, in preference of a greener approach, cremation. However, there will be families for which this may not be possible. For them the solution will be to find additional curial sites on the urban fringes of Australia’s metros. There is another solution to this problem and that is the use of reusable graves by setting up prices for graves and lease periods. Although some may choose to bury their dead in one spot for perpetuity, others will now have the option to bury their dead for a certain period of time, and then make that grave usable for another person. However, all of this depends on the comfort levels of the families who have lost their loved ones.

Michael Caruso Thinking About Different Tyres For Bathurst 1000

This season, two of the most common words that have been uttered while in the pit lane are tyre management. Since the introduction of the Bathurst 1000 in the scene, these words will more likely be the topic of discussion once more.

The season of racing also creates a high demand for tyres on the Gold Coast which is a good thing for tyre dealers.

There is a big change this year because of the Great Race which is the most awaited among the participants and teams will more likely be tacking tyre management in a new light.

Last May, we were able to witness a number of tyre failures during the event at Phillip Island and it prompted the decision for the Bathurst 1000 to be installed with the 2016 Dunlop construction tyres.

Majority of the teams will have to adjust with this decision as they are still getting used with the new tyres this 2017. According to Michael Caruso of Nissan, the tyre will act to be the saviour for this particular year.

He said that using the 2017 tyre made them face various ups and downs but the recent changes made them experience various one-lap speeds which is quite useful. It is not the same when it comes to Bathurst since they are using the 2016 Dunlop tyre. The tyre is different and it has more impact to the speed as demonstrated by Bathurst in the previous year. This is still a great improvement knowing they did not focus much on tyres for this season.

They are expecting to experience a number of curve ball since they have not been using that particular tyre for almost a year now. He added that they are excited about the 2016 tyre to be used at the Bathurst because they feel that it will be this year’s saviour.

Caruso is quite disappointed with tyres because of the failures he has experienced this particular season. This prompted racers to buy new tyres on the Gold Coast as well as they have seen the importance of tyres when it comes to winning a race especially when there are a lot of competition.

5 Effective Ideas For Creating Illustrated Map

There are different types of maps but one of the most preferred type is the Illustrated Map as it has illustrations and drawings to emphasize landmarks and structures to guide the user better. There are illustrated maps that can be ordered online or you can create one for your consumption. You don’t have to be an expert on the field to create an effective illustrated map. All you need is a little creativity and accuracy in order to render the map useful. Make sure that you have the right information and materials to make the map effective.

Pick an area

First, you need to choose an area. If you are creating your first ever illustrated map, it would be best to choose an area that you are very familiar with such as your own city or your favorite town. You can create more challenging maps as your skills advance.

Study the area

The main purpose of having a map is for its user to get to a particular point as fast and accurate as possible and this cannot be achieved if your map lacks accuracy. Research on the area or you can do a transect walk to determine the important institutions and highlights of the area. You can also refer to old maps for reference.

Identify landmarks

Identify important landmarks in the area then indicate them with illustrations or drawings. Identify popular areas such as churches, parks, valleys, schools, mountains or rivers that will help the user determine his exact location.

Add graphics

You can add images on your Illustrated Map in different ways. One option is to manually draw the images or you can add graphics and illustrations on the map by pasting them. You can also make use of online applications or install software on your computer to digitally create maps or a soft map. You can Photoshop images or create a hyperlink to add illustrations on the map.

Add routes and connectors

Lastly, connect the landmarks of the area with roads, highways, streets, pathways and other connectivity patterns. At the bottom of your Illustrated Map, create a legend to indicate the meaning of the connectors and other illustrations.