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  • Restaurant Fitouts In CanberraFor The Eat Drink Design Awards

    Savvy  Australian diners, preferring meals served by celebrity chefs, reality cooking competitions, and renovation shows, prove high standards for restaurants they frequently visit. From theRead More

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  • Qutub Minar To Have New Architectural Lighting

    According to the Archaeological Survey of India or ASI, Qutub Minar which was constructed in the 12th century is soon to have a better sunsetRead More

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Thailand And Southeast Asia To Remain Resilient Despite Economic Turmoil, Says New Nordic Group

According to the New Nordic Group, Thailand, together with other emerging economies in Southeast Asia, are in a good position to prosper despite the increasing rates of the US Federal Reserve Bank for the next twelve months, as well as tariffs from the United States.


The rising construction, hotel, and hospitality management company recently invested in a 4 star hotel in Pattaya. With 152 rooms, the 4 star hotel in Pattaya is set to be a huge project for the area, together with a family vacation area in Phuket.

The New Nordic Water World in Phuket features facilities that families from all over the world would enjoy. Situated in a 377,000 square-feet property, it has recreational facilities for both children and adults, studio rooms, and one and two bedroom condos as well.

The New Nordic Group

It isn’t uncommon for the New Nordic Group to have ten or more buildings being developed at one point in time. They expect a new infrastructure to be completed each month. They employ more than 1,000 employees all around the world, providing strives to one of the largest markets: Chinese tourists. The recent developments in Thailand have been just right, as the country is China’s top choice in tourism. In 2016 alone more than 9 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand.

Aside from hotels and resorts, the company also constructs and manages condos, villas, apartments, and holiday villages with their own leisure facilities. They have various real-estate options for those who want to relocate or start a new business in a new location.

About the Company

The New Nordic Group is a real estate firm based in Hong Kong with various developing projects in different areas in Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. They are currently working on 100 projects.

CEO Kurt Svendheim first came to Asia in 2008 and saw the region as a potential location for land development and holiday apartments. Bringing is 30 years of expertise in the field; he has built a company with young and dedicated professionals in real estate, finance, hotel and hospitality, and development.

Thai Cave Rescue Featured In An Exhibit

Perhaps the whole world has heard about the unfortunate event that 12 young football players experienced recently when they got trapped inside a cave in Thailand. Siam Paragon, one of the upmarket shopping malls in the country, decided to make an exhibit to show people what really happened and also to serve as a warning for those who are planning to venture into dangerous caves. Even guests staying at a family connecting room in Sukhumvit went to see the exhibit in its full glory.

There is a tunnel that children can try to pass through while dripping water can be heard in the background. According to a 78 year old shopper who tried the tunnel, SupiraPungkanon, the tunnel would be most suitable to set an example for children to let them know it is not a good idea to go on adventures on their own.

The tunnel is made of plastic and spans 10 meters. It was painted with murky brown which is similar to the actual cave in Chaing Rai province of Thailand. The unfortunate incident that happened to the football players of the Moo Pa team along with their coach caught the attention of the international news. This is also the inspiration of the exhibit called ThamLuang Incredible Mission: The Global Agenda. The boys and their coach were trapped inside the cave for two weeks.

According to the manager of the ministry of culture, SalineeChuman, they took pride in the success of the rescue because it showed the true essence of being a Thai. The whole community united in order to be of help during the trying time. The exhibit will be shown until the 9th of September. Three days prior to the closing of the exhibit, a gratitude party will be held in order to give thanks to everyone who helped including people from more than 100 nations.

Visitors can book a family connecting room in Sukhumvit in order to witness the exhibit where they can see all the equipment used for the rescue mission. There is a mannequin proud with a dive suit, underwater robots, thermal blankets and edible gel that the bys consumed in order to survive hunger. The exhibition will also be featured in other parts of Thailand while movies and books are already on the works.

Advantages Of Buying Motorcycle From Reputed Dealers

There are many important considerations to make before investing on a motorcycle. You have to get the license, define your riding preferences and decide on whether to opt for a used motorcycle or a new one, determine your budget and decide where to get the financing from.

One important decision is to decide whether to buy a motorcycle from a dealer or buy it from other sources. Buying motorcycle from authorized Aprilia UK dealers has its own set of advantages.

  • Professional and reputed Aprilia UK dealers provide warranties on the motorbikes. They provide extended warranties on some motorcycles. Authorized dealers also provide free servicing options and provide certain services and repairs at discounted rates.
  • The salespersons at the dealerships are highly skilled. They can guide the customers on different models of motorcycles and their features. Speak to the salespersons about your biking requirements and your preferred models.
  • Most of the reputed Aprilia UK dealers provide in-house financing options. They offer financing at low interest rates with zero or very less down payment options. It is easy to get financing from the dealers than from other financial institutions. Some dealers also provide financing for clients with bad credit history. The dealers also provide insurance solutions to the clients.
  • Most of the reputed Aprilia dealers provide excellent aftersales service to the clients. They have skilled and trained mechanics and other professionals to take of your motorcycle. They offer regular service and inspection facilities. These dealers also provide original spare parts manufactured by the company to repair and replace the worn out parts.
  • New riders can enrol for the driving lessons at the training schools run by the dealers. It is easy to take a lesson and apply for the license.
  • Some dealers also deal in used bikes. If you intend to buy a used motorbike, these dealers can show you some well-maintained used bikes. Since the dealers check the bike thoroughly and make sure all the documents are in place, it is advisable to buy used bikes from the dealerships. Another advantage of buying used bikes from Aprilia UK dealers, is that they offer warranties, financing and insurance options even for used bikes.

How You Can Watch Football Online

Today, Direc TV has made it convenient to obtain a Sunday ticket without paying for its subscription; however, there remains restrictions. Theoretically, the TV cable channel can provide you a Sunday ticket to ดูบอล for only $49.99 per month. It’s for you to afford if you can’t obtain Direc TV service as you don’t have a satellite dish. Friends keep telling you that it’s possible to obtain a Sunday ticket even if you’re not eligible.

In some cases, you may or may not get a subscription, but if you’re a die-hard fan wanting to ดูบอล, it can’t hurt you to try. For students, the price would be $24.99 per month for a Sunday ticket.

What’s great about the Sunday Ticket, aside from a satellite-equipped TV, is having to ดูบอล through your Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation 3 and 4, Chrome cast, Amazon Fire, Roku, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows phone and Windows PC.

You can also venture into another subscription option like the NFL GamePass. For $99.99 a season, you are able to watch the NFL games, even for a day after the game. The provider offers a live radio broadcasts of all the games to make football live more interesting. If you’re working during game time, it could be something that you need to be posted with football.

With this subscription, you’ll need a Windows PC, iPhone, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Apple TV to watch the games.

However, you may choose to have an antenna as this is the cheapest option. Free over-the-air TV can still carry more games. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to watch local and big-name games for the week. But then, if you have other online devices, you can still ดูบอล as an option.

Another inexpensive way to watch professional football is to own a Verizon Wireless smartphone. You can download the Verizon NFL mobile app using your iPhone or Android smartphone. With this gadget, you can watch the Super Bowl, the playoffs and live season games. However, you won’t be able to use Google Chromecast to have the game displayed on a bigger screen.

There are still other options to ดูบอลif you’re an eager fan. You just have to explore your options and make your choices.

Royal Mail Continues To Face More Complaints

With the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce, an international courier believes that this is the prime years for them. While other courier companies are enjoying the spike in business activities, there is trouble brewing in the Royal Mail. Many consumers, the number shockingly reached a million, continues to send in their complaints regarding the Royal Mail. With the increase in demand for online shopping, there is also an increase in cases where the consumers’ parcels disappear while in transport.

According to the complainants, the Royal Mail updated the status of their parcel delivery to having been successfully delivered when in fact the customers did not receive any parcel from them. The number of complaints has already increased by 51 per cent in the last 12 months and it now reached 134,712.

In the previous year, there are 89,219 cases recorded and denial of receipt was not an option in the recording process of the Royal Mail. Because of the rise in complaints, the company decided to add this in the categories in order to for customers to identify their complaints specifically.

There are many reasons the industry is looking into why many parcels do not get to the recipient such as dishonest consumers, human error, dishonest postmen or error in the system.

According to a representative from the Royal Mail, they have already acknowledged the complaints thus they have added a new category which is denial of receipt. This company recognizes that they have to improve their operation system in order to decrease the number of incidents under this complaint. They are already taking measures and in the last two weeks they have implemented some huge enhancements in their system and operation.

Customers are now sent a text message or an email to let them know if their parcel has been left to a neighbour along with the specific address. This feature was not available before. Furthermore, they have sent their postwomen, postmen and managers to undergo additional training. This is necessary because of startups in international courier which threatens the existence of the Royal Mail therefore big improvements have to be made.

What Is The Work Of An Optometrist In Jannali

Our sense of eyesight plays a very important role in our lives. To make your eyes see clearly, you’ll need to see an optometrist in Jannali to tell you the overall health of your eyes and brain. An optometrist can best explain his role towards improving good eyesight and how it can affect the entire health of the body.

Job Description: The main role of an optometrist in Jannili is to provide primary eye care. As the specialist can address eye health and vision concerns, the process includes testing, assessment, diagnosis, and correcting the vision through training, eyeglasses or contact lenses. For ocular conditions, the optometrist can advise needed antibiotics or other topical treatments. He then conveys the patient’s condition to a health provider for proper treatment. He can also help his clients choose spectacle frames and fashion eyewear.

Why Do They Love Their Job?

As an optometrist in Jannili,helping patients to see clearly has grown to be a passion. Vision problems can be managed and corrected if detected early. People must understand the importance of having their eyes checked regularly. And optometrists seem happy when they see a smile on their patient’s face, especially with an improved vision.

Emphasis in Providing Better Health

An optometrist in Jannilican detect changes in the patient’s blood vessels as shown in his eyes, especially when they have high blood pressure. They can refer the patient to a general practitioner to immediately curethe health problems. With the discovery, patients are helped out to minimise risks of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and other serious health concerns.

From the Work Experience What Health Tips Can They Provide?

What’s good for the eyes will mean it’s good for the body. The optometrist in Jannili can advise his patients to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and rest well. Many of the eye conditions that can harm the eyesight don’t show evident symptoms until the disease has advanced. So, if you experience eye symptoms, go to the nearest clinic and have your sight checked. The specialist can immediately recommend treatments that improve your symptoms.