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Quality Sports Facilities Encourage Participation

Stamina and health are some of the major factors that allow an athlete to stay on top of the game. Training is usually provided by gyms and fitness centres. Logistics service for the fitness sector provides gym installation services that include delivery of the fitness equipment, assembly and testing whether the equipment is fully functional.

Quality sports facilities at Central Hawke Bay are the envy of many regions. The new all-weather multi-sport lawn and netball courts at Russell Park, Waipukurao also includes cycle ways and sporting facilities. A total of $1.8 million was fund-raised by the community to build the flood-lit facility.

The eye-catching sporting hub also includes an indoor swimming complex, fitness centre, indoor arena, sports field for rugby and football, tennis courts and outdoor fitness circuit, cycle track and skate park. Locals at Central Hawke Bay expect increased participation in sports like hockey and netball.

Central Hawke Bay is also investing for the renovation of the Waipawa Pool and other facilities development. Sport Hawke Bay chairman Damon Harvey recently invited Sport New Zealand chief executive Peter Miskimmin to Hawke Bay Regional Sports Park to show the progress of the newly constructed EIT Institute of Sport and Health.

Peter Miskimmin was visibly impressed with the complex and the many benefit programmes that it can offer. He also admired that the existing facility has become a hub for hundreds of young people who were participating in netball, hockey and athletics. This shows that a quality facility can encourage participation.

Napier also hopes that the new and upgraded facilities will encourage people to become active. Napier has invested in a state-of-the-art destination playground that received a national award and became significantly popular.

There is no shortage of opportunities for people to be active. During summer, families can get out and enjoy sports facilities and natural recreation spots that have been expanded and improved.

The fitness and wellness industry benefits from the presence of gym installation services, fitness equipment delivery and assembly. A reliable process has been developed by a logistics provider to safely and efficiently provide installation services. Engineers will determine beforehand whether the equipment needs to be pre-assembled or delivered as complete gym equipment.


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