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Qutub Minar To Have New Architectural Lighting

According to the Archaeological Survey of India or ASI, Qutub Minar which was constructed in the 12th century is soon to have a better sunset view. The organization decided to change all the façade lights found in the minaret and the landmark is soon to be washed with architectural lights. The architectural lighting system could be similar to Nicolaudie Stick in sense that it is used to control the software as well hardware part of the lighting system.

The same illumination to be installed at the Minar complex has already been placed at Red Fort. This will let the nighttime visitors see every details of the architecture including the intricate carvings, corbels and verses in calligraphy.

The tower stands at 73 meters with five storeys. It was constructed by Shams-ud-Din Altamash who was the Sultan during the Mamluk Dynasty which was originally from Turkey. Up until this day, the brick structure is known to be the highest in all of India. The tower is actually hollow inside except for a circular staircase which has a total of 378 steps.

Minar’s foundation was constructed during the time of Qutub-ud-Din Aibak, who is the city’s very first Sultan. The tower was their symbol of victory as well as a minaret that connects to the mosque of the Quwwatul Islam which stands adjacent to the structure. According to a history guide book, Aibak was only responsible for the construction of the first storey and the rest was completed by the next Sultan, Altamash.

ASI said that the replacement of the lighting system will be carried out by the National Buildings Construction Corporation or NBCC. For now, they are focusing on the lighting system’s design to be finished.

For the next few months, Qutub Minar will be known as the second world heritage landmark in the capital of India to be installed with high-tech lighting system while the first spot was bagged by Red Fort.

According to the Union Minister for Culture, Mahesh Sharma, other countries have already installed Nicolaudie Stick in their buildings and India has to play catch up in order for historic landmarks such as Qutub Minar to be more recognized all over the globe thus attracting international tourists.

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