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Rat Problems Cannot Be Controlled By Cats According To Pest Control Company

It was two decades ago when K and C Pest Control began operation and every year in November their business would slow down and in some cases it would come to a full stop. Their busiest time is during the summer months because it is when wasp nests and crawly insects are on the rise. This is also the busiest time for commercial pest control in Sydney because of the pests coming out of hibernation.

When fall is about to end and all throughout winter, rodents are already searching for warmer locations to nest. This is when the company will only receive calls once a week from homeowners sighting rodents.

Chris Crocker, the owner of the company, said that it is no longer the same in the Corner Brook. Starting from the previous year, they have been receiving calls at least once or twice a day. Brook said that the calls are increasing because of the rise in mice and rat infestations.

This is in agreement with the statement released by the municipality regarding the worsening problem with rats in the past few years. They are not seeing any improvements or possibility of the infestation stopping soon.

Crocker said that they he has already discussed the issue with other pest control operators and they believe that the change is brought about by the mild winters or it could be because there are no predators in the area that hunts rats.

Doug Barter, a resident of Corner Brook, is glad that they were given permission to let their cats wander around the neighbourhoods in order to help the city’s problem with rat infestation. Barter explained that not all cats are allowed to wander freely. There are qualifications required such as the cat should have been neutered or spayed, its vaccines should be updated and it should have embedded microchips to return them easily.

Crocker believes that it should not be encouraged and commercial pest control in Sydney is in agreement because rats have diseases as well as parasites. These can be spread if through the cats and the cats could also receive injury when confronting a rat.

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