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Small Businesses Get Tips For An RBC Exchange Rate

There can be many reasons why a business considers expansion. Canada is over 2% of global GDP. Most countries in the world have various levels in their own economic development. What this means is being a Canadian company offering a salable product, not just in Canada but internationally. Therefore, you need to provide a sound business plan. You need to understand your market, client and the product that you offer; and you’ll need RBC exchange rate just in case your selling globally.

Who Should a SME turn to for Help?

If you want to expand globally, you need to work with lawyers and accountants that are well experienced in doing business outside the borders. Some countries, like China, need a local presence to do business there. It means you’ll be setting up a local store within the country. You’ll also be needing legal advice on how to do business and setting up your business in the country you’re interested in.

So, How Does Currency Exchange Work in this Game?

As you are selling your product abroad, you’ll be getting paid through the currency where the product is offered. You must also learn the exact RBC exchange rate, so you get a rate that’s equivalent to your country of origin. You need to understand the risks involved and some strategies to implement foreign exchange. To understand better the process, you can discuss with your banker, accountant and lawyer.

How Important is Your Banker when It Comes to International Trade?

When dealing globally, it is crucial to have the banking done in one place – a local bank account with a foreign currency account, the credit cards, all incorporated in one online banking platform. It’s all because you’ll be transacting money between them – like buying foreign currencies and sending wire payments.

How Difficult Can You Set Up a Bank Relationship Overseas?

You should be aware of timelines when transacting business in other countries. If you’re opening a personal account, you can sometimes do it online, and for business account, you can have it done in a day.

If you had to open such accounts, you need to be present in this country for at least six months. You need to be physically present and that they see you when you transact with the bank.

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