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Social Activist Uses Art And Words To Empower Others

Phoebe Wahl is a social activist as well as an artist with the goal to change how society works using only her artworks. She makes artwork, word art and sketches that are centered in various themes such as marriage between people of the same sex, body positivity and the controversial but timely Black Lives Matter. Her work can be viewed through her Instagram account and it is also shared in various social media platforms. When she participates in social events for a cause, she makes sure to display her artworks on site.

She is known for her love of flowers, winter scenarios, fairies and wood nymphs but what she wants to convey to the world is so much more. These tiny details are unnoticeable unless you have looked at her entire art pieces.

We are living in such a competitive and demanding society that people forget the two most important things – love and acceptance.

Every day is a struggle for some people because they have the need to stand their ground in order to protect their right which is more so than others. While there are those who feel that they have the duty to stand up for other people especially those who are not able to defend themselves.

No is such a strong word often used by many that people think they should always fight in order for them to get what belongs to them. It does not mean we have to be socially active and public about the issues we believe in but remaining true to those people around us is essential. Change is only possible through us and supporting one another is what matters.

Black Live Matter is a campaign which many people stand up for. They can support the cause in the form of writing articles, making word art or selling merchandise that will help the movement. This is what the arts of Phoebe is all about – it makes people think and be honest about how they truly feel. She voices her opinion through something beautiful and is making every effort to see social change in this present age.

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