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Social Live Videos To Improve SEO Marketing

Live social video is the trend but will it provide value to marketers and brand managers? Social live streaming when done right can boost SEO. For SEO purposes, social live video must have the natural qualities of freshness, dwell time and chatter. Videos can do wonders for your site because it encourages users to stay longer and click through the pages.

Social media marketers are obviously frustrated about the recent algorithm changes implemented by Facebook . It is the same feeling experienced by SEO pros whenever there is a Google update. Social networks try to do everything in their power to ensure that brands will play exclusively in their platform.

For example, Instagram is notorious for not allowing links in posts while Facebook and LinkedIn allows links to posts but at the cost of getting de-prioritized by the algorithm in the main feed. What will an SEO professional do to make the most of the advertising dollars?

Experts predict that by 2021, video will represent 82% of internet traffic. Consumers will prefer to watch a live video instead of reading a blog. According to Facebook, live videos generate 600% more interactions that is why they boost live content in feeds. Because it is difficult for brands to show in the live feed, the option is social live video.

Brands can start creating social livestream for their followers. However, it is important to choose the right social network for the live video to succeed from a social and organic perspective. For SEO, you need qualified networks that will allow you to add links to a post and make it easy to annotate videos. The network must have an engaged following and the know-how to create high quality livestream videos.

With Facebook Live, the livestream has a permanent post. You can also download the live video for embedding on the website. YouTube offers the same features. If you will use Instagram, live videos will disappear after 24 hours while Meerkat does not offer a replay option.

There are many things that the SEO experts at can do to make search engines favor your site over the competitors. Your presence in search engines can be improved by enhancing your content and ensuring that the site is user friendly.

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