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Southeast Queensland: Hot Spots For Flat Tyres

The RACQ, Queensland’s foremost motoring body, has reported on the top areas in the suburbs where people are mostly to encounter flat tyres. These locations are what the RACQ has cautioned motorists on as locations to watch out for when it comes to the danger of getting flat tyres.


The period of January to June 2018 saw that the top 5 areas for flat tyres in Brisbane are first in Eight Mile Plains with 159 incidents, second in Brisbane CBD with 149, third in Chermside with 147, fourth in Coorparoo with 144, and fifth and last in Green slopes with 143 incidents of flat tyres.


On the other hand, in the Gold Coast in the same period of January to June 2018, the numbers tell a different story. First is in South port with the very high numbers of 315, second in Surfers Paradise with 187, third in Robina with 182, fourth in Nerang with 161, and in Helensvale in fifth and last with 125.


Main roads are identified to have a higher number of flat tyre incidents as they do get more traffic and consequently more dangers and hazards.


RACQ spokesperson, Kirsty Clinton, said that debris and pot holes are some of the main causes of flat tyres and cautioned that flat tyres on a busy road can get quite dangerous. She encouraged motorists to pull over in a safe place and to call a professional. She also says it is best to not attempt changing the tyres yourself on a busy and dangerous road, but to instead have a professional take care of the matter. The experts are most likely going to move the car to a better location and change the tyres there instead.


There are many other ways to ensure that tyres are less likely to go flat by checking for foreign objects stuck in the tyres, signs of damage or wear and tear, and the pressure and air. Prevention is definitely better than the cure, as RACQ would put it.


Members of RACQ will get the flat tyre service for free, while non-members will be charged the regular rates.


Motorists should always be on the lookout when going through these hot spots for flat tyres in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They should also keep the cautions and advice of the RACQ in mind and to possibly ensure to be members or to at least have the number to call in case of a flat tyre.

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