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Spa Etiquette For A Memorable And Relaxing Experience

Spa is a tranquil space designed to melt away the stress and relax the body and rejuvenate the mind. However, not knowing the spa etiquette can transform it into a stressful and daunting experience.

Follow these tips to make your experience at the best spa in Saigon, a relaxing and memorable experience.

  • If you are visiting the spa in Saigon after lunch, use breath mints before the treatment. It will help you to freshen up the breath.
  • Do not have a heavy meal right before a spa treatment. Do not consume alcohol before or after a spa treatment as it dehydrates the body.
  • Most of the treatments at the best spa in Saigon, require you to remove all jewellery. It is best to avoid wearing heavy and costly jewellery while going for a spa treatment.
  • The ISPA (international spa Association) recommends the clients should report at least half an hour before the treatment and begin decompressing.
  • It is recommended you shower before starting the massage. Use the steam or sauna before the massage as it improves relaxation and aids in exfoliation.
  • Do not use mobile phones in the treatment rooms. Keep talking to the minimum and enjoy the massage. Talking loudly on the mobile not only disturbs the masseur but also the other guests at the spa.
  • If you speak only English, speak to the receptionist at the spa about your language preferences. Speak about the room temperature, your choice of music, massage procedure and the massage pressure to your masseur. Do not forget to mention about special requirements and physical injuries beforehand.
  • Smoking is prohibited in most of the spas.
  • Tip the masseur or the aesthetician appropriately.
  • Do not chit chat while undergoing the massage treatment as it will disturb the masseur and also you will skip the opportunity to relax and enjoy the massage.
  • Most of the spas do not allow guests to carry food and beverages from outside.
  • Do not fall for sales pressure. Do not trust the spas that hard sell different products to the clients during the massage treatments.
  • Be courteous to the masseur or the therapists. Do not use inappropriate body language in the spa in Saigon, which will result in suspending the treatment.

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