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Sports Personalities Fund The Future With Real Estate Investments

Professional athletes frequently earn a considerable amount of money to allow them to invest in Single House new project for the future. In the past, sports celebrities were uncertain about the future when they need to retire at an early age. However, sports celebrities nowadays have become entrepreneurs to generate more money than they do in sports.

Marques Harris used to play for San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers. After he retired from NFL, he recognized the importance of business and investment after seeing many of his colleagues making wrong decisions when they were still receiving football pay checks.  Harris started a real estate investment fund and continued to expand his non-profit foundation Athletes For Care.

Athletes For Care is dedicated towards building a community where former athletes can find support, opportunities and purpose after their sports careers are over. Harris’ other pursuits include helping to fund, provide research and create awareness on the impact of concussions to athletes.

NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neill continues to pursue his love for technology. Being known as gadgets guy, Shaquille has invested heavily in tech start-ups and business ventures. He is funding his future with investments in real estate, product endorsements, and other tech start-ups.

Kobe Bryant had a very long successful career with Los Angeles Lakers but when he was ready to retire from basketball, he focused on a different direction. In 2013, Kobe Inc, a multimediacontent creation company was formed so that young athletes can maximize their potential. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Kobe Bryant is also involved in philanthropy that focuses on helping young people through access to sports and mentorship.

LeBron James runs Spring Hill Entertainment, a media company that has launched numerous TV shows and movies. He also runs a sports company called LRMR. He brings special skills and knowledge to entrepreneurship because he is passionate in reinventing himself.

Sports personalities are not the only ones who can invest on Single House new project for their future life after retirement. New projects usually include more modern features and amenities than those that have been previously built. They are also more energy efficient than most average homes in the homes.

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