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Sports Wagering As An Emerging Threat To Sports Integrity

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Last August 2017, Prime Minister Turnbull commissioned The Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements in response to the growing global threats to the integrity of sports. The review was conducted by an independent panel led by Honourable James Wood AO QC and supported by Mr. David Howman CNZM and Mr. Ray Murrihy.

After one year, the results were published in a 276-page report. The review acknowledged the position of Australia as a world leader in terms of sports integrity but serious and emerging threats have been identified and require a national approach.

The report states that corruption has infected, athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, match officials and others who are subject to contractual obligations. One the major integrity threats reside in the international sphere where there is a huge growth in sports wagering. It is very convenient for Asians to wager in sports because of the similar time zone.

The report has also identified sub-elite sporting echelons that use sports as an attractive venue for organized crime that is involved in money laundering. Not only are major sporting bodies or events are at risk; it includes lower level amateur and semi-professional competitions that do not have the resources to tackle the integrity issues.

The review suggests that there must be an international approach to respond the threats. The creation of a National Platform can regulate sports wagering in Australia with connections to international counterparts. Measures at a national level can help reinforce Australia’s commitment to global response against the threats of competition manipulation in sports.

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