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Sydney Parents Going Plastic-Free On Kid’s Parties

Sydney parents share their tips on how to organize a fun plastic-free kid’s party.

Many Sydney parents who choose to plan their kid’s party on their own instead of looking for party hire in Sydney explain that kid’s parties cause lot of plastic waste. From party bags, to food packaging, plastic utensils— hosting a children’s party is hard enough, but quick clean-ups after are harder.

Enlisting the kids’ help

Parents agree that it is possible to get the kids on board with it. While party hire in Sydney offers a hassle-free celebration for any occasion, the extra work that a do-it-yourself zero-waste party is actually worth the effort.

Many kids are very concerned in helping animals, one Sydney dad explains. When they see animals stuck in plastic, they become aware of how important going plastic-free is.

Forego traditional invitations

Instead of printing invitations and sending them out to friends and family, some parents use Facebook, emails, or text messages.  They explain that it is also helpful to explain in a note that the event would be a low-waste party and why, just so that everyone is aware.

Seek alternative for plastic and paper plates, cups, and cutlery

Most kid’s parties involve serving food in disposable plates, and it’s easy to see why. However, some parents believe it’s better to look for greener options. They can try making their own kits, or ask guests to bring plates, bottles, and utensils, or borrow from the neighbours.

One way that a group of parents does this is by letting others borrow each other’s things in order to minimize waste.

They also explain that it’s better to avoid using straws, and serve drinks in drinking bottles or cups instead.

A bucket for recyclables is also a great idea to collect anything and in some areas, you can swap these for cash as a container refund scheme.


Some Sydney parents swear by asking guests to donate to the local hospital instead of buying gifts as a means of minimizing plastic use. Others opt for pre-loved gifts, sometimes wrapped in reusable cloth. Another option are experience-based gifts like going to the zoo or seeing a show.

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