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The Advantages Of Using Condensing Boilers

People are benefited greatly with the use of boilers. Today, there are now several new breed of boilers and among them is the condensed boiler. What are the advantages that users have over this new kind of boiler?

Increased efficiency

The typical hydronic-heating loop design practices represent interrelated efforts in order to prevent direct fired boilers from being condensed inside heat exchangers. Condensation will occur when water vapor that is within the boiler’s combustion gases will fall below its dew point and will be forced to take its liquid state. This will release approximately 1,000 Btu of heat for every pound of the liquid that has been created. This alteration of state occurs very naturally which is a result of exposure to a very cool heat exchanger surface. Though this is quite desirable from a system efficiency perspective- its 11 to 12 percent increase is actually possible but the process of condensation will be damaging to the conventional boilers. Whenever energy is being extracted from the water vapor, some acidic condensate will be left behind and these will be forming on the surface of the heat exchangers. Unless the machinery is built using the highest quality materials and is designed to drain freely, the tendency of the heat exchanger is to corrode overtime. Usually, the non-condensing equipments are typically manufactured from the lower quality materials like cooper, carbon steel and cast iron. Since these are low quality materials, the system designer will have to rely on the ancillary components like the dedicated boiler pumps, temperature averaging components and the mixing valves.

The boilers today are designed to condense. They are highly efficient. Their heat exchangers are also made of top quality materials and are designed to be able to freely drain. This in turn will allow them to withstand the years of condensing operation without acquiring significant corrosion. As a result, the condensing equipment can be truly incorporated into a main loop directly. The use of condensing boilers definitely reduces the project cost and maintenance. If your boiler is in need of repair you can call the services of gas boiler repairs Nottingham.

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