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The Importance Of Insurance To Cover Certain Risks

Contrary to the belief of many people, insurance is not an unnecessary expense. Insurance provides benefits to individual and businesses in more ways than an average person thinks. The most obvious benefit that can be gained from insurance is the payment for losses. For example accountants require accountant professional indemnity insurance as protection for professional risks. Athletes on the other hand need coverage for bodily harm.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes love the challenges offered by obstacle and fitness courses that are organizedby companies that specialize in such events. However, if a participant gets injured in the competition, will insurance cover the body injury?

In one recent case, the federal district court of Florida ruled that the exclusion in the insurance policy that was issued to a company that operates an obstacle course precluded any claims made by a participant in the race where he was injured. Adam Durden sued Dirty Foot Mud Ranch for the injuries that he sustained during the competition at the obstacle course race at Dirty Foot Adventure Run.

Dirty Foot leased a property and created an obstacle course with the objective of inviting athletes to compete’ however, Dirty Foot was negligent with the obstacle course’s design of the mud pit because it failed to consider proper water depth. A different company organized the competition and Durden was one of the athletes that were invited.

Dirty Foot has commercial general liability insurance from Maxum Indemnity Company but Durden was refused coverage because he alleged that he was injured in the mud race obstacle course held at the Dirty Foot property. The insurance policy excluded coverage for claims made by athletes and sports participants during a performance, contest, sport or event. Maxum did not indemnify Dirty Foot based on the policy that excluded sports and athletic participations.

Accountants are provided protection through accountant professional indemnity insurance for a very competitive price. An expert team will handle claims that are made locally. Response is prompt and fair and accountants will be given risk management tools and education so that claims against the practice will be reduced. Coverage provided will depend on individual circumstances.

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