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Tim Hortons To Conquer Bangkok, Thailand

There is one more thing guests at a serviced apartment in Bangkok will have to look forward to – Tim Hortons! The popular coffee shop chain was based in Toronto, Canada. They are known for serving coffee, sandwiches and fried donuts popularly called Timbits which are bit-sized goodness and now the capital city of Thailand will be able to experience all of them.

Despite it being a coffee shop, what most people rave about is the donuts that they are selling. The company recently made an announcement that it is planning to extend its reach into one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

According to Alex Macedo, the president of Tim Hortons, they are already excited to start the expansion and introduce the Tims brand to the people of Thailand in order to achieve their goal to become a global brand in the market. Thailand is also known in the region for its coffee market and the chosen partner by the Tims brand is also an expert when it comes to the local market. Therefore, they are positive that they will make a successful entrance into Thailand.

The announcement by the company failed to go into details as to when the flagship branch will be available to the public or where it will be constructed. The only thing they have disclosed is their partnership with a company called WeEat in order to help them in marketing their brand.

According to the company, they are going to feature local Thai dishes along with the regular menu found in Tim Hortons all over the world. Tim Hortons was originally established in 1964 with the first branch constructed in Ontario. The coffee shop was named after its founder who is also a hockey player. The chain was then acquired by Burger King five years ago.

As of writing, the chain has over 4,800 branches spread out in 14 countries in the world. Tim Hortons is a welcome chain for locals and tourists staying at serviced apartment in Bangkok after other food chain from North America started the trend including Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme and Ihop.

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