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Tokyo Fears Hotel Shortage Over 2020 Olympics

It is given that the world is replete with a multitude of world-class hotels such as the Novotel in Phuket ( and a whole lot more. If only these hotel could flock to the Japanese capital, then most likely Tokyo would no longer have any problem when it hosts the most prestigious international sports event next year.

In line with the conduct of 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, it is feared that the Japanese capital would experience a shortage in the number of hotels which could accommodate the massive number of participants who will be flocking to the city.

Despite the increase of the number of infrastructures constructed in Tokyo these past few years, it is estimated that an additional 14,000 rooms would still be needed as shown by a research study.

An Offshore Solution

In order to answer this problem, the Japanese government is opening itself to the possibility of putting up giant ships which will be docked off in Tokyo and Yokohama throughout the conduct of the Olympics.

A lot of travel agencies have already agreed to the idea such as JTB which has already chartered the Sun Princess for the Olympic period. In addition, the agency is offering packages that combine rooms but they come a bit pricey.

The Solution Comes at a Price

The agency has confided that it is confident of the demand as hotel shortages would be very inevitable. For the record, almost two thousand dollars would be spent in a room with a balcony for two nights (with a football ticket), while almost seven dollars would be spent on a 50-square meter suite for two nights (with a baseball ticket).

Aside from the above cruise ship, Tokyo and Chiba prefecture are also looking for other possible cruise ships. It could be remembered that Japan has banned the use of hotel rooms without windows, but just last year, they have allowed the use of windowless cabins for major events.

Nevertheless, despite their offshore solution, it still remains unclear whether the shortage of hotels ( would be compensated by the ships. Hence, Tokyo plans to open new additional terminals as the Olympic games near.

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