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US Women’s Football Team Emerge As Icons For Women’s Rights

If is common for athletes to choose Lansdale dental implants to restore their missing teeth. Most dental injuries are sports-related. Athletes face greater risks of having their teeth damaged during practice or when playing the game. Even if some sports leagues require their players to wear mouth guards, it does not cut down on dental injuries.

Contrary to what many believe it is not football that causes most dental injuries but basketball. During a highly aggressive game of basketball, when elbows start to fly, players often lose a tooth or two because their faces do not have adequate protection.

Meanwhile, New York City has welcomed the US women’s football team with confetti and shouts of “Equal Pay.” The World Cup triumph was celebrated with a ticket-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes with the members of the women’s football team emerging as icons for women’s rights.

The football team’s 2-0 win over the Netherlands in the final match last Sunday provided a fitting climax to the World Cup that attracted large television audiences. This reflects on the popularity of the US women’s football team that has always dominated the women’s international competition by winning its record 4th title.

However, the parade was more than just a tribute to a championship; it highlighted the team’s fight for equal pay with the US men’s football national team. It is also an extension of the issue that there must be equal pay for women, in general.

Thousands of well-wishers tried to catch a glimpse of the star players that included Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe, the tournament’s top scorer and most vocal team leader. Mothers who took a break from their office jobs wanted to their daughters to see what women can do and what they should be.

Last March, 28 players of the women’s football team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the US Soccer Foundation to demand equal compensation with the men’s football team.

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