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Victoria Beckham’s Engagement Rings And David Beckham’s Shoes

The engagement ring is the harbinger of a message that “You are mine forever.” It can be the most extravagant expense that a man can make to propose a marriage. For those who are shopping for an engagement ring, there are platinum engagement rings that can be customized according to the taste of your fiancée.

It is not surprising to know that Victoria Beckham has 13 engagement rings considering her extravagant lifestyle. David Beckham has gifted his wife with 13 different engagement rings during the course of their 20-year marriage. A 3-carat marquise-cut diamond in yellow gold band worth $85,000 was used by David Beckham to propose to Victoria in 1998. Since then, David Beckham has consistently gifted Victoria with diamond rings.

David Beckham is always big news to soccer fans. On Instagram last Sunday, David Beckham posted a teaser that “Big things are coming Monday” however, it was not the announcement that South Florida soccer fans were waiting for. According to MLS spokesman Dan Courtemanche and Miami Beckham United spokesperson Tadd Schwartz, there is no news yet regarding the proposed Miami Major League Soccer team.

It turned out that the big announcement is the Adidas launch of Predator DB Accelerator soccer cleat which is a remake of the 1998 leather shoe that Beckham wore when he was bending free kicks during the height of his career. Last Sunday, a Twitter post by Adidas football showed an image of Beckham with the shoes and a caption that says “The boot of a generation. Remastered by David Beckham. Unveiled tomorrow #Limited Collection.”

Meanwhile, David Beckham’s quest to bring MLS to Miami was not announced last Monday. The$9 million land deal has been approved and the lawsuit has been thrown out. After due diligence is done, Beckham and majority owner Todd Boehly will be holding a press conference.

Back to engagement rings, it can be daunting to choose one for the future bride because of the innumerable choices available. It can be challenging to pick the right one between the gold and platinum engagement rings because they are both excellent choices. However, with proper knowledge of your future bride’s preferences, you will not be overwhelmed.

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