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What To Remember When Going On Your First Sailing Holiday

CANARY ISLANDS – October 1, 2015 – Sailing is one of the most popular activities that people often engage in. Through sailing, people are able to enjoy tons of benefits that would often revolve around the physical and mental health of an individual. Besides that, sailing can be a relaxing and fun way to escape the stresses of daily living while bonding and building relationships with friends and family.

Sailing enthusiasts are fond of going on sailing holidays and it isn’t hard to understand why. So if you are going on your first sailing holiday, here are some things that you should remember.

Before going on the voyage, make sure that you choose a sailing holiday that is designed for helping beginners such as yourself. These could either be taster voyages or a beginner’s yachting course. Also, make sure to go on a sailing holiday that is not too long.

To get a better understanding on sailing, try taking online courses and read the RYA competent crew handbook.

Next, you should always know the things that you would need to take such as lifejackets, bedding and clothing. Make sure you have a way to access dietary requirements, if ever you have any of them.

During the voyage, do not forget to inform the skipper (the captain) that it is your first time. Always ask where the safety equipment is so that in times of crisis, you would know where the lifejackets are.

Since it is your first time, make sure to ask lots of questions. Asking the right questions will help you understand and learn more about sailing. But make sure to ask questions only when it is suitable. If the skipper is busy or is concentrating on an activity, try not to distract him.

Get a feel on the wind. Find where it is coming from and how strong it is blowing. Studying the wind and how it affects the water and the boat is important in sailing.

Also, while on the voyage, take time to study and memorize the basic parts of the sailboat. Lastly, try not falling overboard!

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